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On request of the delegation of the Netherlands, Wenneke Meerstadt and Susan Dulfer, NGO-representatives in the Dutch delegation, prepared a compilation of comments of NGO-caucusses and other NGO's on the occasion of the second PrepCom to Copenhagen + 5 (3-15 april 2000)


This is a (certainly incomplete) compilation. Some of the comments are based on the documents of 31-3-2000, others on the later documents of 7-4-2000.

In the compilation, statements and comments have been used from the following organisations/caucusses/groups:

women: the women's caucus statements of thursday 6-4 and of monday 10-4

icsw: the statements from the first week and from 10-4 of the International council on Social Welfare

children: statement as made in document E/cn.5/2000/NGO/7 (3-2-2000) by a number of international organisations (many of them women's organisations) with different sort of consultative status with Ecosoc.

wcc: eucominical team of the World Council of Churches

Cidse: International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity. Their points are supported also by Caritas International and Franciscans International.

Other comments and proposals are incorporated under the name of the caucus/organisation that made them.

Some statements were impossible to translate -in such a short time- into concrete text-proposals. We give below an overview of the general lines and priorities as taken from (among others):

Dutch, German and Danish NGO-Platform for the Follow-up of the WSSD in Copenhagen; ATD-fourth World (NL); Women's organisations (NL); Youth (NL); European NGO Platform; Eurostep; Social Watch, International Confederation of free trade unions (ICFTU) et cetera.

The organisations mentioned, in all kinds of wordings, and with different levels of support:

- time-bound targets

- integrated approach

- attention for basic social services

- attention for principles of human rights, democracy, economic and social justice

- strengthening of partnership, based on equality and equity, with civil society and/or NGO's. Participation should be on all levels: policy-making, implementaion and monitoring.

- guidelines on sound principles and good practice in social policy

- support for and implementation of the ILO Declaration of Principles and Rights at Work and the ILO Global Program on decent work

- immediate action for the elimination of the worst forms of child labour

- Women's organisations ask women and/or women's organisations to be mentioned seperatly

- Youth asks to be mentioned seperately; as extra attention should be given to their important role in poverty eradication. They are the basis for sound social environment for now and the future.

- organisations in the Netherlands plead for more influence of self-organisations of the people affected (in stead of the big, professional welfare institutions).

- strengthening solidarity and social cohesion

- education is an important instrument against poverty. Some add cultural education to this.

- social policy should be more important than economic policies

- some plead for extra attention to be paid to illiteracy (also in the developed countries!)

- many plead for accountable and transparent changes in taxation systems, to diminish the gap between rich and poor. This usually include measures against tax avoidance and evasion.

- 20/20 initiative, and 0.7 GNP for ODA

- the UN General Assemblee should establish an intergovernmental Negotiating Team to prepare a Convention to eradicate poverty

- some express serious doubts about the expansion of the role of the private sector in the povision of social services, as they consider this the express field of the public sector

commitment 1

para 3:

women: .... within a framework of ethical values, social justice and respect for human rights (to ADD)

wcc: ADD spritual and ethical values

children: (proposed to replace para 3 with:)

Promote periodical national assessments on social development based on the quality of life of their people and foccusing on the changing situation of children, rather than on macro-economic rates

para 4:

women: add at the end:

and specifically by

a) actions to halt all forms of violence against women ( the family, workplace, prisons, refugee camps, armed conflicts)

b) ratifying the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

c) enforcing existing human rigths and onther international agreements that prohibit sexual and other forms of human trafficking

d) reducing military expenditures and fostering alternatives to armaments and armed viloence as strategies for conflict resolution

wcc: after diversity, ADD: and ensuring economical, social and cultural rights

caucus on poverty eradication: taking actions to halt all forms of violence against women and children

para 5

women: ADD 5bis: recognize the interdependence and indivisibility of all human rights instruments and principles ad their integral connection to social development, including these formulated at the WS on children, the WC on education for all (..... and other summits and conferences) along with those contained in established human rights treaties and declarations.

wcc: promote universal ratification

icsw: Add at the end: special attention should be given in this text to the international covenant on economic, social and cltural rights (in comment 10-4-2000 this point does not come back)

wcc: to add to icsw: and the declaration on the right to development

para 6c

women and wcc: after Instituting ADD gender sensitive

caucus on poverty eradication: gender and age sensitive

para 6d

women: after economic reform programmes ADD: based on social needs

wcc: wants the true costs of unemployment shown

para 7

women: after international financial institutions, ADD: including the WTO

icsw: (high priority) DELETE: 'in social policy' (comment 10-4-2000)

para 8

women: after globalized economiy ADD:

exacerbate the vulnerability of their populations to various forms of exploitation and bondage and prevent them from securing livelihoods.. through

icsw; wants to delete this para

para 9

women: adopt G77 language

wcc: add, after unilateral: bilateral and multilateral and include trade measures (proposal on G77 language)

- after obstacles, ADD: seriously affecting

- also wants economic, social and cultural rights included in this para

para 10

cordaid: supports proposal canada

para 10a

icsw: adopt Canadian and G77 proposals (comment 10-4-2000)

wcc (on G77 language) - delete ' improved measures' replace with ' Implementing safeguards'

- after short term capital flows, ADD: for example, through taxes on international currency transactions

cordaid: 1: debt standstill for breathing space to negotiate with creditors in an orderly fashion; 2: study the feasability of a currency transaction tax at national level

para 10b

women: after regualtory frameworks, ADD: ..including codes of conduct to govern transnational corperations'

wcc: change Regulatory frameworks to: Implementing regulatory measures

- after speculation, ADD: and capital flows

- after international level, ADD: for example, through an international standstill arrangement to modify the immediate effects of crises provoked by volatility.

para 10c:

cordaid: delete: by national governments

para 10e

women: adopt EU language for: ...improved preventive measures to protect basic education and health.

para 11:

wcc proposes: The need to engage, in consultation with civil society organisations, in a process of global economic reform toward a just distribution of wealth and prevention of new cycles of debt so as to increase available resources for social development.

icsw: change the end: especially in order to enable achievement of the goals, principles and targets agreed at the Copenhagen Summit and this special session.

children: for social development with special attention on the external debt of the developing countries as a priority short term issue (to ADD)

para 13

women: after institutions, ADD: including IMF, WB and WTO

wcc: supports women's proposal

para 14

women: after productive potential of people ADD: and business

- after ' in a global market place, DELETE 'creating the basis' and ADD: 'while also expanding and strengthening the role of the public sector, in order to generate ...., etc

para 15

women and wcc; change to read: adress urgently the onerous debt and debt service burdens connected with the various types of debt of many developing countries and severely indebted middle income countries by:

a) devising an effective, equitable development oriented and durable debt relief and managment strategy including where appropriate cancellation of the full stock of debt of the poorest and most indebted development countries as a matter of priority

b) breaking the link between debt cancellation and conditionalities such as stabilization and structural adjustment

c) developing an international lending-borrowing mechanism which involves cicil society in the process of debt relief and the prevention of future debt crises.

children: matter of priority, while ensuring investment of debt related funds for social services, especialy education (to ADD)

para 16b

women, Human Rights NGO's and wcc; delete 'enhancing .and embracing' and ADD: promoting more equitable

- delete 'and other, ADD: women's and other'

- at the end: ADD: and developing regular reporting mechanisms within the UN system, on corporate social responsability

para 16c (or 17)

icsw: ADD: and ethical and fair business conduct

para 16d

women and Human Rights NGO's: ADD: supporting the development of accountability mechanisms within the Un heman rights organs for dealing with transnational corporations' violations of human rights

para 17

women: after private sector, ADD: including transnational corporation

para 19

women: after ' particular attention to' ADD: women and children refugees

para 21 bis and ter:

women: adopt EU language

icsw: adopt Canadian proposals

para 22

wcc: at the end, ADD: in particular women and children

commitment 2

para 24 (old 28)

women: after' Place poverty eradication ADD ' including the feminisation of poverty,

wcc: ADD: Recognizing that the resources are now available, as never before, te eradicate poverty worldwide, place poverty eradication........ to reduce, ADD: with a view to complete eradication the number of .......implementing apropriate poverty eradication measures.....environmental DELETE: management ADD: protection, full and fair employment policies, and DELETE: competition policy, with a view to eradicating poverty ADD: agricultural policies which ensure food security at the local level, including subsistence agriculture.

para 24bis

women; after 'to give high priority to investing in' ADD: 'gender sensitive' health and education ' and DELETE 'in their'

wcc: ADD: When developing policies to redress the impoverishing effects of heavy indebtedness and structural adjustment, policy makers should take into consideration their impact on socially morginalized groups.

para 25

wcc: medium-and longterm measures

caucus on poverty eradication suggests 'a design of education for the working child. (Although we know children should not work, we must begin with their reality in order to change it.)

- (in a later document) supports para 25 as it stands, in brackets, 7-4-2000, 1700 hours.

children: goods and services, and more DELETE: indirect

para 26

women: after 'people living in poverty, through..' ADD: gender sensitive

- after labor-intensive economic activities, ADD: taking into account both renumerated and unrenumerated work at home, in the community and in the workplace (Beijing, para 45)

wcc: Develop (change to read:)economic growth strategies which are pro-poor, environmentally sustainable, and people-centered, while promoting gender equality and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples to their lands, territories and resources. Such strategies need to include agricultural policies which balance the production of export crops with the production of food crops for the domestic market and protect the subsistence economy of the poor and indigenous communities.

caucus on poverty eradication supports para 26 as it stands, in brackets, 7-4-2000, 1700 hours

para 26b

women: improving their ADD: 'right to' access to capital etc

para 26 c

wcc: promoting ...equality, ADD: including valuing and compensation womens unpaid work.

para 26c (on G77 proposal to replace ..)

women: after informal sector, ADD: and women's unpaid work in child care and maintenanc.

para 27 (old 29)

icsw: replace all words after: 'local government to adress poverty' by: 'with the assistance of resources from both national and local sources, while ensuring accountability for those resources to funders and constituents.(comment 10-4-2000)

children:(proposed a new sub para as follows:) Assesing child poverty and adressing childrens non-deferable needs for nutrition, health care and education

para 27bis

caucus on poverty eradication: the group strongly supports the text (text 7-4-2000,1700 hours), in particular the last part of the sentence that reads 'in order to help empower people living in poverty, by ..'

women: in EU-proposal after 'empowerment of' ADD: women and men, DELETE people

icsw: ADD at the end: and of strengthening taxation systems to ensure that they are progressive, raise sufficient revenue for social development purposes, promote investment in social development and productive enterprises, and minimise tax avoidance and evasion.(highest priority)

- ADD new subpara: Through democratic and transparent processes, implementing reforms to ensure equitable access to land in order to provide families with a sustainable livelihood. (comment 10-4-2000, highest priority)

para 27 bis c

women: (EU-proposed language) after 'using employment policies, including' ADD: promoting labour intensive activities

para 27 bis d

women: access for all to basic social services ADD: especially for female heads of households (Beijing para 58m)

para 27 bis (f) old 26a

women: implementing measures such as gender sensitive skills training

para 27 bis h

women: ADD: taking into account both remunerated and unremunerated work at home, community and the workplace (Beijing POA para 45)

- after youth employment, ADD: female heads of households

wcc: targeting the special needs of vulnarable (DELETE groups) and (ADD the) disadvantaged (DELETE groups): for example, through measures to address child poverty, youth unemployment and the needs of persons with disabilities.

Para 27 bis h bis

wcc: Redressing historic economic and social inequities through the implementation of policies and best practicies which ensure the rights of indigenous peoples to their lands, territories, and intellectual property rights.


para 27 bis (l)

women:- 'in improving capacities for gender disaggregated poverty related data collection

para 27 bis o

caucus on poverty eradication: (on text 7-4-2000,1700 hours), promoting {the group strongly supports 'participatory} participatory poverty assessments as welll as social impact assessments {ADD: and evaluation} which inlude gender {ADD: and age-specific} analyses. DELETE difining ADD promoting poverty assessment utilyzing, inter alia, gender based and age specific statistics to define...

para 27 bis q

caucus on poverty eradication:(text 7-4-2000,1700 hours) Supporting {ADD: and facilitating}

para 27 bis r (old K)

icsw and wcc: propose to promote the role of civil society in providing basic social services

children: ADD: extra (sub)para: Assessing child poverty and addressing childrens non-deferable needs for nutrition, health care and education.

para 27 bis (t)

women: after 'to protect vulnarable and unprotected', DELETE 'people' and ADD 'women and men'

para 31

wcc: Establish institutional mechanisms DELETE: that include ADD: reflecting a multi-sectoral approach to poverty eradication which include the participation of all relevant government ministries, departments and DELETE: that reflect a multisectoral approach to poverty eradication, ADD: all relevant actors in civil society.

Para 32

wcc: At the beginning, ADD: Recognizing the need to strengthen the role of government in poverty eradication, enhance .....


commitment 3

para 36:

women:....opportunities for equitable change (to ADD)

ICSW: change "and assistance to" into financial and other assistance (EU text)

para 37:

ICSW:( text 31-3 and comment 10-4-2000)....forced an compulsary labour (ADD) including bounded labour (highest priority)

para 38 a:

women: (in US/EU proposal) child labour introducing legislation to provide adequate internal protection that prohibits and redresses discrimination against women, and all forms of sexual herassment and gender segregation in the labour market (to ADD)

para 39quat:

icsw: vigorously opposes to the EU proposal unless the working forum is to be "established under the auspices of the UN".(Refrence should be made to the need for involvement of orgs such as UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, FAO and WHO) (comment on text 31-3)

icsw: after 'multilateral initiative' insert 'under the auspices of the UN (comment 10-4-2000, highest priority)

para 40:

ICSW: replace 'encourage the private sector to' with 'ensure that the private sector applies' (highest priority)

para 45a:

ICSW: new technologies (ADD) including rural based technologies (on doc, 7-4)

para 45d:

the women's movement and the dutch national organisations propose, after youth,..., at the end of the para, to ADD: and with regard to women (especially single parents), long term unemployed and industriallly disabled persons, to create better employment and earning perspectives.

commitment 4:

women: in preamble, adopt G77 language

para 53:

women: enabling environmen for ADD: and establish mutually respectful partnerships with..

ICSW: replace the first sentence with the following: Improve the political, legal and financial environment for civil society organisations and support their particiaption in the delivery of social services in an transparent and accountable manner.

para 53ter:

Youth NL: permit and encourage and promote (on document 31-3)

para 54bis:

ICSW: adopt EU-proposal

WCC: include: strengthen mechanisms to reclaim, protect and recognize the ancestral traditional knowledge and intellectual property of indigenous peoples. Such mechanisms might include measures to protect local communities from the imposition of TRIPS

women everywhere: "families" should not change into "the family" here, or anywhere as the Holy See proposed, because "the family" refers to mother + father + children, wich excludes single parents!

Youth NL: all family mebers regardless of their age (ADD)

para 55:

women: volunteers men and youth as well as women (to ADD)



para 55ter:

women: recognizing that women's experiences and perspectives ar essential for developing gender sensitive programmes and sustainibility, encourage the participation of women in all aspects and at all levels of social development including macro-economic policy-amking.

para 56 (old 51):

women: also be accesible to women (to ADD)

ICSW: encourage the media to be free and independant and to... (to ADD)

para 57(old 54ter):

women: racist ideas and beliefs misogyny and gender stereotyping (to ADD)

para 59 (old 32bis):

women:....racial, ethnic and caste discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance (to ADD)

ICSW: ...racial, ethnic (to ADD)

....hatred religious fundamentalism (to ADD)

para 59bis:

women: adopt Canadian language, and at the end ADD: ..including their right to development

WCC: (wants new sub para, as follows:)

Enact policy regulations to protect people's rights over their land, territories and their source of livelyhood to ensure that they are not subject to forced migration, displacement, alienation and denial of access to their land

para 59ter:

WCC: Support the implementation of the stated principle of partnership in action of the United Nations Decade of the worlds Indigenous people by urging: immediate adoption of the Draft Declaration on the rights of indigenous people; the establishment of a UN Permanent Forum for indigenous people and the participation of indigenous people at meetings of the commision on social development.

para 59 quat (new subpara)

wcc: Encourage policies to ensure indigenous peoples food security, universal access to primary education and primary health care.

para 60:

women: to...information and best practices (EU-language)(ADD) gender sensitive

para 61:

women: support the EU, US, Norway and G77 language

NGO NL: this para focusses too little on participation especialy in policy making and implemantation

para 62:

women: adopt Mexico proposal

para 66:

ICSW: ...organisations especially the UN (to ADD)

para 68 (old 49)(now 54bis):

women: families (not the family!)

adoption/promotion in a manner compatible with principles of gender equality and shared male responsibility (to ADD)

youth NL:...all family member regardless of their age (to ADD)

caucus on poverty eradication: after all family members ADD: as well as children

commitment 5

para 69ter

icsw: (high priority): adopt the EU proposal

para 70 (old 55)

women: after full respect for human ADD: rights and

- after: levels of policy-making ADD: including in the development of macro-economic policy

icsw: after the first sentence, ADD: Governments must be urged to review and repeal all laws discriminating against women

para 71

women: DELETE 'Specific issues related', ADD: 'Governments should support fully the commitments (to gender) equality (and the) empowerment (of women) that will be adopted (at the special session.....)

- at the end, ADD: Moreover, in accordance with the ICPD Programme of action and the ICDP + 5 documents, governments should take every appropriate measure to assure women and girls the rights to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, including the rights to the full range of reproductive and sexual health services necessary to enjoy safe childbearing, freedom of reproductive decisionmaking and a healthy and satisfying sexuality, free of coercion, discrimination and violence. These human rights are inextricably linked to the right to development for women.

para 72

icsw: at the beginning, ADD: Ensure women's participation in mainstream decisionmaking at all levels.

para 72 bis

icsw: adopt EU proposal and at the end, ADD: especially for those living in rural areas.

para 72 ter

icsw: adopt EU proposal

para 73 (old 58)

women: DELETE ' Encourage governments to consider' . After 'Governments should' ADD: ratify the 'Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against Women' if they have not previously done so, and limit the extent of any reservations to is as well as withdrawing all reservations that are incompatible with the object purpose of the Convention or with other human rights instruments. Governments should also ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention.

icsw: replace 'consider ratifying' with 'ratify'. At the end, ADD: and institute a process for regular review of progress.

para 73 bis (new)

women: review all existing as well as future legislation to ensure compatibility and full compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of dicrimination against women.

para 73 ter (new)

women: expand and encourage the use of specific, time-bound targets to achieve gender balance in the participation of women and men in all areas and at all levels of public life, especially in decision-making positions, political parties and all political activities, including in electoral processes; with a provisional minimum target of 30% representation (1995 ECOSOC resolution) of women by 2003 and equal representation by 2005. In addition, set explicit short- and longterm time-bound targets to promote progress toward the full and equal participation of women in key policy-making levels in strategic and development institutions and all government ministries.

commitment 6


women; adopt G77 language

- after 'primary health care, ADD: including reproductive and sexual health care

- after distinction as to race, ADD: creed, ethnicity, caste, class

para 73 bis

icsw: adopt EU proposal, at the end, ADD: 'and social well-being'

para 74

icsw: adopt EU proposal

children: develop public, quality education and health systems

para 74 bis

women: adopt EU language and after' performance of health systems ADD: with specific, time-bound targets

- after primary health care, ADD: including maternal, reproductive and sexual health services

- DELETE level

- at the end, ADD: Moreover, governments should put into place by the year 2015 the necessary infrastructure and enabling conditions to make good health and education accessible to all, including safe water and sanitation, decent housing and reliable transport.

icsw: adopt EU proposal

para 75 bis

women: adopt EU language and after 'social' ADD: cultural

caucus of the rights of the child: after reproductive health, ADD: assure in national AIDS programmes the testing and counselling services as well as apropriate laboratory conditions and reactive agents necessary for accurate diagnosis.

- transfer 'Promote analyses........national development' to a new subpara.

caucus of poverty eradication: after 'women and men', ADD: Children, adolescents and 'young people

para 75 ter

women: adopt EU language, at the beginning, ADD: 330 million new sexually transmitted infections occur anually, at least half among young people. Women and girls, especially in Sub Saharan Africa, are more vulnerable tot STD's than men due not only to biological differences but also to preventable social factors. - after households, ADD: women

youth NL:...children and young people (to ADD)

para 76 (old 62ter)

women: adopt aoriginal with Norway amandment; after 'including sexual', ADD: and reproductive 'health care'

caucus of the rights of the child: DELETE after 'non-governmental organisations', and ADD: Hiv/Aids programmes must take a life stance by encouraging and financing cultural appropriate prevention programmes, providing education, including sexual education and instructions on abstinence and appropriate use of prophylactics or barriers.

para 77

women: adopt EU language; after 'compaigns for health', ADD; 'and sexually'

para 80

women: adopt G77 language, not EU;

- after middel income countries' ADD: Recognize that intellectual property rights under the TRIPS agreement must not take precedence over the fundamental human rights to the highest attainable standard of healthcare, as provided in amny international human rights and other multilateral instruments, nor the ethical responsability to provide life-saving medications at affordable cost to developing countries and people living in poverty.

icsw: (high priority) retain in its current form

para 81:

children: after international level, ADD: such as the alleviation and/or cancellation of the external debt of developing countries, in favor of public education and health.

para 83

women: adopt Norway language

- after 'health and macro-economic policy' ADD: health and women's empowerment

- after 'health and transport' ADD: health and clean water/sanitation

para 84

women: after 'eliminate gender disparities ADD; and gender discrimination in educational curricula

- reject Holy See language, which contradicts children's fundamental right to educational equality

- (10-4) it is important to recognize the critical role of life-long learning and civic education in fostering social development.

para 86

women: adopt G77 language

- after as well as training ADD: male and female 'students'

NOVIB (NL) proposes the following para to be added under this commitment: The core objective will be that of ensuring that no gevernment committed to achieving the goals of education for all, including universal primary education, will be unable to do so because of resource constraints.

Commitment 7

Para 87

ICSW: Do not adopt US proposal

women: (sub a, propose to replace as follows:)

Implementing transparent and participatory debt relief initiatives by:

(i) cancelling the debt of the 53 poorest countries;

(ii) putting in place with the involvement of civil society and local communities, including women, structures to monitor the debt relief process as well as the acquisition of new loans by government in order to increase recources for social development; and

(iii) rethinking the aid and trade practices of international financial institutions and the WTO to ensure these countries are not forced back into indebtedness.

(prupose to replace sub c with the following:)

restructuring of the multilateral trade regimes to ensure that they provide for democratic, transparent, equitable and accountable processes;

wcc: supports womens proposal

para 88

women: (propose to replace para with the following)

recognize and pomote existing regional and sub-regional bodies and markets as viable entities for primary economic activity, and assist civil society and Governments in Africa and the Least Developed Countries to create conditions that enhance their countries' food security, productive recources and thei full participation in economic decision-making, and to support industrial diversification, establishment of cooperative business networks, systems for sharing information and promoting local technology and providing equitable incentives for local technology providing equitable incentives for local and foreign investment in technology-based enterprises in Africa;

wcc: supports proposal women

Para 89

ICSW: retain despite some proposals to delete

women: least developed countries DELETE: 'to improve the environment for' and ADD: to negotiate foreign investment with inbuilt provisions for protecting livelihoods and human rights, especially womens' human rights, and for ensuring gender equity

wcc: DELETE: assist, ADD: provide financial and technical assistance to governments ADD and civil society ...

para 90

ICSW: retain despite some proposals to delete

para 91

ICSW: retain despite some proposals to delete

Para 92 (old 72bis)

women: (to ADD) recognize and strenghten support to regional and sub-regional bodies and other South-South cooperation

para 93

women: at the end, ADD and promote womens' participation in science and technology.

para 95

ICSW: retain despite some proposals to delete

women +WCC: all creditors DELETE: to clear and ADD to cancel

para 97

women + wcc: DDELETE: Generously

- taking into account womens' crucial role in conflict prevention and resolution, and(to ADD)

women + wcc: development so as to ADD: curb the arms industry (especially that involving small arms), and to

para 98 (old 69 bis)

women: related to young people and women (to ADD)

- the establishment of national young people and women (to ADD)

women + wcc: to adress the needs of young people (and women,) recognizing that one of the root causes (of the spread) of HIV/AIDS is poverty (to ADD)

caucus on poverty eradication: related to ADD: cildren and

para 99 (old 69 bis)

women: developing a core set of gender-sensitive (to ADD)

- activities for young people and women (to ADD)

caucus on poverty eradication: overall implementation of ADD: children and

- after: programme activities ADD: children and

para 100 (old 70)

women: levels in young people and women (to ADD)

caucus on poverty eradication: after reducing infection levels in ADD: children and

para 100bis

ICSW: adopt EU proposal

commitment 8

children: (proposed to insert a new para, after para 101 old 72, as follows:)

call upon the UN system, governments, financial institutions, the private corporations and the NGO community to assist UNAIDS to drastically adress the AIDS pandemic in Africa as high, priority, emergency issue. Calling ecpecially the pharmaceutical corporations to transfer pharmaceutical patents to African counterparts in order to permit the manufacture and sale of their own tests and medicines necessary to prevent mother child transmission of HIV and to arrest de progression of the disease in those who are infected


para 103

women: policies aimed at pro-poor, pro-women and pro-environment (to ADD)

para 104

women: and economic aspects especially for women (to ADD)

para 105

women: living in poverty especially women (to ADD)

para 105 a

women: social policies are gender-sensitive (to ADD)

para 105b

ICSW: adopt US proposal to include "sustainable development"

para 105c

icsw: retain despite some proposals to delete

children: (sub c) development expendtitures such as education (to ADD)

para 105d

women: living in poverty especially women (to ADD)

children: and services, especially on education and health, (to ADD)

- public expenditures especially on education (to ADD)

para 105 h

children: evaluation of resonces in collaboration with civil society, and using data disaggregated by sex, age, income group, ethnicy and geographical, including rural and urban, areas (to ADD)

para 106

women: establish participatory and gender-sensitive (to ADD)

para 107

ICSW: adopt G77 proposal and ADD: Bretton Woods institutions and WTO

CIDSE: The special session should adopt a decision on establishing a participatory mechanism for social impact assessment of adjustment programmes and reform packages before, during and after their implementation

commitment 9

para pre-108

wcc: Mobilize resources for the global common wealth for social development at the local, national and international level

para 108(old 88):

children: ( new sub para ) Facilitating and encouraging the participation of corporate enterprises in the financing and implementation of programs for basic social services for all

wcc: replace Undertake efforts with Mobilize

para 108 b:

children: ...military expanditure and using military recources to support public services, such as building schools and roads with military personel and equipment (to ADD)

ICSW: adopt the EU and Holy See proposals

para 108 e

women: provision of social services, ADD: and responsibility of the private sector, particulary transnational corporations, to reinvest in the communities where they operate (10-4)

wcc: after 'for the involvement' DELETE: active partnership of the private sector of civil society services ADD and an equitable partnership among governments, the private sector and civil society

ICSW: adopt the EU proposal

para 109 (old 89)

women: after 'and other social progammes ADD: especially programmes targeted at women and people living in poverty (10-4)(language from Habitat I and II)

para 109 a

ICSW: (proposes to replace with:) promoting appropriate tax reform to enhance progressivity, reduce inequities in and between the taxation of income, assets and consumption, and facilitate public and private investment in social development

para 109 (c)

women: discourage public bads: at the end of the sentece, ADD: such as land value (site value) taxation for local governments to enable more affordable housing and work locations especially for women and people living in poverty (10-4, Habitat I and II language)


para 110

wcc: DELETE Consider further means, ADD Mobilize

ICSW: (proposes to replace the chapeau with the following:)

promote, through international action, mobilization of additional recources for social development by, inter alai:

para 110a

wcc: change microfinance into finance

para 110c

ICSW: retain despite some proposals to delete

para 111

women and wcc: DELETE Consider further means, ADD Mobilize

para 111 (new a)

ICSW: Amend the EU proposal to read:

strengthening appropriate international coorporation which can facilitate development and administration by national governments of equitable and efficient taxation policies.


para 111a

ICSW: (proposes to replace as follows:)

improving arrangements for allocation of tax liabilities of multinational enterprises between the countries in wich they operate

para 111 (b)+ (d)

ICSW: Replace with the following: reduce inequitable tax avoidance resulting from the provision and exploitation of tax havens and other tax shelters and from inadequate exchange of information between tax administation authoroties.

para 111 c(old b):

children: overall ODA asap directing recources from ODA to social development with specific percentages for public education (to ADD)

para 111e

ICSW: adopt the proposal by Canada

women: (on Canada proposal, new (e)): DELETE 'further study of the feasability', ADD and its use to generate revenue for a social development fund directed especially to women and children. (10-4)


para 111f

ICSW: adopt the proposal by the G77

para 112a

children: poverty reduction and social services, targeting specific

percentages for public education and health (to ADD)

ICSW: replace the first sentence with the G77 proposal and retain the second sentence

para 112 b (old a bis)

children:(proposed to replace para with:)

calling on the world bank and the IMF to place social needs at the centre of their policies and country assessments, and to support the implementation of public education and health programs in developing countries

para 112 c (old (b)

wcc: Change to read: Requiring donor countries to fullfill their moral commitment to reverse the current decline in OAD and immediately fullfill the previously agreed target of 0.7 of GNP for overall ODA.

ICSW: adopt the G77 proposal but add at the end and at least 0.5% by no later than 2005

Cidse: All major donor countries who have not yet done so, are urged to fulfil the agreed target of 0.7 of GNP to ODA as soon as possible.

para 112d (old c)

many NGO's support the 20/20 initiative


para 113

ISCW: (proposes to replace with the fillowing:)

request the Economic and Social Council to initiate further expert consideration of options for international cooperation in tax reform, especially with a view to promoting equity and social development

para 114 (old 92ter):

children: (proposed to replace para 114 with:)

Invite organisations of the UN system, the international financial institutions, the business community and civil society to colllaborate so that concrete, practical measures for poverty eradication emerge from the deliberations of the high-level international intergovernmental event on financing for development

Commitment 10

para 114ter

ICSW: adopt the EU proposal

para 115

cidse: indicators are needed including developing quantitative and qualitative methods for assessing the social and gender impact of policies. They should relate to the measurements of internationally agreed 2005/2015 targets to reducing poverty, to assure primary education, gender equality and reduce maternal and infant mortality.

para 117b

ICSW: (should be supported vigorously but with the addition of the following:)

regional commissions or other apropriate regional orgs

-if "ministrail" is to be deleted, insert after "meetings' the words "at a high political level" wich are used in the relevant part (com 10 b) of the Copenhagen declaration

para 118

ICSW: (proposes to insert new sub para as follows:)

Encouraging ECOSOC to meet more frequently, where appropriate; to strengthen the composition and role of its Bureau; and to convene an annual regional consultation ivolving its regional commissions and other appropriate inter-governmental groupings

para 118 b

ICSW: ADD at the end and at this Special Session

para 123

ISCW: retain despite a proposal to delete


para124 (old 100)

children: technology transfer and good governance (to ADD)

para 125

ICSW: adopt G77 proposal

para 126

ISCW: retain despite some proposals to delete


para 128

ICSW: (retain with the following addition:)

Invite ECOSOC to develop, and monitor implementation of, a time-bound Anti-Poverty Pact wich includes a limited number of specific, high priority anti-poverty targets and of specific, high0priority measures to moblise recources wich will help to achieve those targets

para 129

ISCW: retain


A large group of NGO's, among others Eurostep, Social Watch and Human Rights NGO'sdistributed 'the geneva benchmark issues' last year in may. This document has been updated. One of their priority issues, which is supported by Social Watch members, is :

To install a committee to establish an anti-poverty convention

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