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World Summit for Social Development and Beyond:
Achieving Social Development for All in a Globalizing World,

Geneva, 25-30 June 2000


GENEVA 2000 Forum 

The Geneva 2000 Forum  will be a complementary activity to the Special Session, which will open the debate to a much wider range of actors. Together the Special Session of the General Assembly and the Forum will work under the banner GENEVA 2000 : THE NEXT STEP IN SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT.
The Forum will be a platform for sharing experiences through panels, discussions, exhibitions, video, etc., with new and innovative approaches in social and economic development policies and activities, and provide a fertile ground for new ideas.

This event is expected to attract not only representatives from NGOs, but also other interested parties including citizen interest groups, professional organizations, industry and business groupings, trade unions, employee organizations, academics and parliamentarians, as well as intergovernmental organizations and governmental delegations. The Forum will be a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to join in the debate on social development.

The Swiss Government will be hosting the Geneva 2000 Forum. At you can also find general information about the conference facilities, Geneva, meeting locations, et cetera.

The exact form that the Geneva 2000 Forum will take will depend on the input of the participants themselves. All eligible organizations are invited to propose events or exhibits to be held in the main venue (the International Conference Centre of Geneva - the ICCG) or in one of the many space reserves in building in the vicinity of the ICCG and the Palais des Nations.

On 26 and 27 June 2000, as part of the Geneva 2000 Forum, Switzerland will organize an international Symposium. This contribution to the debate on social development will bring together many of the most important commentators and thinkers in the fields of social and economic development, labour, human rights and allied areas. Through keynote addresses, panel discussions and audience participation sessions, they will be asked to plant the seeds of new ideas that will complement the debate at the United Nations General Assembly and ensure that the oft-cited need for cooperation and collaboration is operationally feasible.

Participation in the Symposium will be open to all those attending the Geneva 2000 Forum and a number of processes will also be put in place to allow those who cannot contribute actively to the discussion to record their views.

On 22-25 June 2000 local NGOs, Swiss Committee for the Bangkok Appeal, ATTAC France, CCCOMC and the Confederation paysanne are preparing the Alternative Summit, supported by the City of Geneva.

These documents have been taken and adapted from the Geneva2000 web-site

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