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World Summit for Social Development and Beyond:
Achieving Social Development for All in a Globalizing World,
Geneva 2000



The World Summit for Social Development was held in Copenhagen in March 1995. It was part of a cycle of global conferences convened by the United Nations. This cycle started with the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development - the Earth Summit - in Rio in 1992.
The goal of the cycle of UN Conferences was to enrich the international agenda and to raise awareness on the major issues and concerns of the time, through cooperation of Member States and participation of other actors in the development process. 
Three core issues were addressed in Copenhagen: 

117 Heads of State and government supported by ministers representing another 69 countries adopted the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and the Programme of Action. The Copenhagen Declaration contains 10 commitments. They indicate a collective determination to treat social development as one of the highest priorities of national and international policies, and to place the human person at the centre of development.

The Social Summit also agreed a follow-up process; including the Commission for  Social Development monitoring the implementation of the Copenhagen agreements, and a 5 year review in the year 2000. Like with other UN Summits and Conferences, this is held as a Special Session of the UN General Assembly. The purpose of the Special Session (WSSD+5 or Copenhagen+5) is to to review implementation efforts and to suggest new initiatives for further action. It  will be held at the United Nations Office in Geneva from 26-30 June 2000.

To document the review of implementation and to outline agreements on new (= emerging) issues, several reports have been prepared and are being worked on at the moment - go to WSSD+5 UN Documents

Also check Emerging Issues for further information about ongoing discussions on issues and questions beyond WSSD+5.


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