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World Summit on Social Development
Copenhagen, 6 - 12 March 1995

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The outcome of the Summit in Copenhagen is contained in several documents which you find here:

Firstly, there is the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development.

Secondly, there is the "Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development" which contains an Introduction and 5 chapters: 
I. An Enabling Environment for Social Development
II. Eradication of Poverty
III. Expansion of Productive Employment and Reduction of Unemployment
IV. Social Integration
V. Implementation and Follow-Up

Thirdly and finally, there is a report on "Adoptions and Organizational Matters" which contains 2 chapters: I. Resolutions Adopted by the Summit and II. Attendance and Organization of Work. These chapters provide exact dates of the programme of the conference, of adoptions and other matters and lists of those governments and organisations who attended the conference.

A large part of the collection of documents from the Commission for Social Development, the Social Summit and the Social Summit+5 is available on a free CD-ROM. Simply send an email message with your occupation and mailing address to to order.


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