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World Directory of Trade Unions
there are over 1500 links to international union organisations, national unions, locals and union resource sites in every continent.
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Global Unions Quality Public Education for All
Global Unions website is jointly owned and managed by a number of international trade union organisations.
Education has in recent years become an important issue for many NGOs, like teachers unions, in their advocacy work at the national and international level. There is a growing conviction that basic education is one of the key factors in the eradication of poverty and that it is the cornerstone of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development. Also in eliminating the worse forms of child labour education plays a vital role.


European Trade Union Confederation - ETUC
The ETUC seeks to influence the European Union by making direct representations to the various institutions (Commission, Parliament, Council), and by ensuring trade union participation in numerous advisory bodies The European Works Councils Directive on information and consultation rights is among the most recent results of ETUC action. At the same time, the ETUC seeks to establish industrial relations with the employers at a European level through the ‘social dialogue’. This is mirrored by sectoral social dialogues under the responsibility of the European Industry Federations.


International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

  • equality
  • jobs and justice

Trade, Labour Standards, Development, Employment, Health and Safety, Environment, Structural Adjustment, Research


Trade Union Advisory Committee - OECD
The Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the OECD is an interface for labour unions with the OECD.  It is an international trade union organisation which has consultative status with the OECD and its various committees. TUAC's role is now one of ensuring that global markets are balanced by an effective social dimension. Through regular consultations with various OECD committees, the secretariat, and member governments TUAC coordinates and represents the views of the trade union movement in the industrialized countries. It is also responsible for coordinating the trade union input to the annual G7 economic summits and employment conferences. 


World Confederation of Labor (WCL)
The World Confederation of Labour (WCL) is an international trade union confederation uniting autonomous and democratic trade unions from 113 countries all over the world. Its head office is located in Brussels, Belgium, and it has over 26 million members, mainly from Third World countries. The past three years have been marked by the affiliation of mostly African and Central and Eastern European organisations.
WCL has become a workers’ organisation that draws its inspiration from humanist, ethical and moral values and protects the interests of the workers, women and men alike, throughout the world. The WCL has also adopted an independent attitude towards governments, political parties, power blocs, religions and churches.
Human Right and International Labour Standards Department


Amnesty International Trade Union Action 1999


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