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Youth Organisations


The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network

Visit for Youth Related Articles and Principles in Rio Declaration & Agenda 21


World Young Women's Christian Association
Each local YWCA is an autonomous community-based nongovernmental organization. As a non-profit membership association, each YWCA is run by and for women of the community and their families.
Local YWCAs are affiliated to the national YWCA of their country. The World YWCA unites and coordinates 95 affiliated national associations.
YWCA programmes and activities vary according to the needs of the women in the community. YWCA work can include leadership training, hostels for young women in need of housing, income-generating projects, health programmes, shelters for victims of violence, vocational skills training, development projects, and organizing to promote women's rights. YWCA programmes for families include pre-schools, day and after school care, and activities for older people


The Young Women's Web
Here you can find news of young women’s activities in YWCAs around the world, resources to lobby for young women’s full participation in YWCA decision-making, a calendar of events, and a review of international events related to young people


United Nations Children's Fund (Voices of Youth)
You can share ideas about important world issues.
You'll find activities to do and problems to solve.
Teachers (and others) can discuss global education and online learning.


UNICEF site on Convention on the Rights of the Child


UN Youth Information Network
UN World Programme for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond
World Youth Forum
UN Youth Bulletin
Calendars of Youth Meetings, 1997-1998
World Youth News
Links With Other World Youth Web Sites


Youth Section of the European Community European Office (ECHO) on Humanitarian Aid
This section addresses young people in particular: high school scholars, but also students and humanitarian field professionals who are interested in a specific post graduate education program


World Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations
YMCAs work with people in the community irrespective of religious, racial, gender or cultural background. This commitment has also led the YMCA to work for social change, addressing the root causes of issues and problems faced by people.


International Institute for Sustainable Development
The "Youth: Building Knowledge Societies" (YBKS) global e-conference (17 January to 18 February 2000) will explore how youth make use of ICTs to create, disseminate and use knowledge for sustainable development. The results of the e-conference will be presented to the Global Knowledge Partnership Action Summit during the second Global Knowledge Conference from 7 to 10 March 2000.


Peace Child International- Buntingford, UK
Peace Child International empowers children to take responsibility for peace, human rights and the environment through education, leadership development and direct participation in the events that shape our world community. This it does through producing publications, musicals, conferences and encouraging its affiliate youth groups throughout the world.


European Baha'i Youth Council (EBYC)
The EBYC is the voice of the Bahá'í youth of Europe, it stimulates and co-ordinates the manifold activities of European Bahá'í youth and represents its interests in various conferences, meetings and other fora
Sections on Human Rights, Global Governance, Conflict Resolution, etc.

Youth Action for Global Justice
Founded by students in 1983 as the Overseas Development Network (ODN), the organization recently renamed JustAct promotes youth leadership and action for global justice.
JustAct works to develop life-long commitments to social and economic justice. Our programs link students and youth in the U.S. to organizations and grassroots movements working for sustainable and self-reliant communities around the world.



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