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To make the the goals agreed at the Social Summit in 1995 a reality at the local, national and international level is a great challenge - not only for the United Nations, Intergovernmental Bodies and Governments, but also for

Many of these stakeholders have taken their roles and responsibilities to meet the challenge.

In the sections, you will find links to relevant material and comments providing an overview of what can be found.


The following list of on-line Journals & Newsletters cover a whole range of relevant issues for WSSD+5.

On-line Journals & Newsletters

Earth Negotiations Bulletin Summary and Analysis of WSSD+5

Archive of daily reports


Earth Times 
(Daily On-line news)
The Earth Times offers news and views on the environment, sustainable development, business, population and current affairs


Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development
the annual review and reference work on international co-operation on environment and development - is published in its eighth edition. (Yearbooks before 1998 as Green Globe Yearbook.)