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WSSD: Copenhagen 1995 WSSD +5: Review, 
Geneva 2000
UN Commission on Social Development
A Brief Introduction to WSSD

Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development

Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development:
I. An Enabling Environment for Social Development  
II. Eradication of Poverty 
III. Expansion of Productive Employment and Reduction of Unemployment   
IV. Social Integration   
V. Implementation and Follow-Up

Adoptions and Organizational Matters:
I. Resolutions Adopted by the Summit   
II. Attendance and Organization of Work



UN Process

UN Documents

NGO Documents

Summary of UNED's Questionnaire for WSSD+5

UNED's Paper on Tobin Tax

Information for NGOs

Reports from

1995   Summary

1996   Summary

1997   Summary

1998   Summary

1999   Conclusions



Emerging Issues: Beyond WSSD+5 10 Commitments: 
Documents by Issues
Stakeholders: Documents by Stakeholder Groups
Social security
New global action plans

1. Enabling Environment
2. Poverty Eradication
3. Employment
4. Social Integration & Human Rights
5. Gender Equity
6. Education & Health
7. Africa & LDCs
8. Structural Adjustment Programmes
9. Resources
10. Int. Cooperation

1. NGOs
2. Women
3. Youth
4. Indigenous Peoples
5. Religious Communities
6. Business & Industry
7. Trade Unions
8. Research & Education
9. Governments
10. Local Authorities


You and WSSD +5


How to Get Involved Online Discussions for WSSD +5

How to participate
International Negotiations
UN in Geneva
A Brief Introduction on the World Conferences

Information on relevant 
list servers / online discussions


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