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CSD NGO Women's Caucus

Position Papers

At the Intersessional meeting for CSD-9:

Statement by the CSD NGO Women’s Caucus, CSD Intersessional / Transport, 07 March 2001

Information for Decision-Making and Participation. Women’s Caucus Contributions  to the CSD Intersessional Working Group, 12 March 2001

Gender Perspectives for Earth Summit 2002. Side event at CSD Intersessional, 16 March 2001. Presentation by Minu Hemmati, UNED Forum & CSD NGO Women’s Caucus

For CSD-9:

The Role of Women in Approaches to Information for Decision Making and Participation in Sustainable Development
By Pamela Ransom Ph.D., Director of Health and Environment, Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)

Gender perspectives on Energy for CSD-9
Draft position paper including recommendations proposed by the ENERGIA Support Group and the CSD NGO Women's Caucus
prepared by Elizabeth Cecelski, Director for Research and Advocacy of ENERGIA, the International Network on Gender and Energy, with contributions from Joy Clancy, and with review/inputs from members of the ENERGIA Support Group and the CSD NGO Women's Caucus.
[ Download in PDF ]

As an additional resource, also check the background papers on energy, transport, and information for decision-making, prepared for the workshop "Gender perspectives on Earth Summit 2002" (Berlin, Jan 2001) and the co-chair's summary of discussions and recommendations. (These are not Caucus position papers.) 

For CSD-8: Caucus Comments on Intersessional Outcomes and Secretary General's Reports, on:
Finance & Trade
Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development
Freshwater: New Position Paper (April 2000)
Modalities for 2002

Women's Caucus: Summary of Comments and Recommendations on Issues under Consideration at CSD-8
Compiled by Pamela Ransom (WEDO),, and Minu Hemmati (UNED-UK),

Food Security for the Food-Insecure: new challenges and renewed commitments
Majda Bne Saad, Centre for Development Studies, University College Dublin, Ireland,

Persistant Organic Pollutants & Reproductive Health  
WECF Women in Europe for a Common Future, Utrecht, The Netherlands,
Background Document for the IPEN Workshop "Women, POPs and Reproductive Health"; made available to the CSD NGO Women's Caucus by Sharyle Patton, Northern Co-Chair of IPEN (International Pops Elimination Network).

Women, Pesticides and Sustainable Agriculture  
Pamela Ransom, WEDO,

Women and Land  
The UNHCS (Habitat) Gender Unit (Diana Lee-Smith, and Women & Habitat Programme (Catalina Trujillo, in consultation with the Huairou Commission (

Women and Land IN SPANISH

Re-evaluating Relevance: Intellectual Property Rights and Women's Traditional Environmental Knowledge  
Ashley Lebner, Cambridge University, UK,, and Helene Gregoire, Cornell University, New York,

Women’s Caucus Declaration  
Third Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization
Seattle, Washington, USA, November 30 – December 3, 1999
provided by WEDO,

Micro-Finance and Empowerment  
Linda Mayoux,

Effects of structural adjustment on women and the poor  
by Dzodzi Tsikata, Research Fellow at the University of Ghana, Legon, who also heads the Gender Unit of TWN Africa Secretariat based in Accra, Ghana

Minu Hemmati,, UNED Forum, & Vanya Walker-Leigh, vanyaluc@ORBIT.NET.MT.

Women and Sustainable Development 2000 - 2002. 
Recommendations in Agenda 21 and Related Documents and Suggestions for a Review of Implementation.  
Drafted by Minu Hemmati,, UNED Forum, February 2000.