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The Fourth World Conference on Women:
Full Report

Check the Brief Introduction

Download the complete Beijing PfA
TXT file (538 KB); ZIP file (148 KB)


Chapter 1: Resolutions adopted by the Conference

Resolution 1. Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

Beijing Declaration

Beijing Platform for Action

I. Mission Statement

II. Global Framework

III. Critical Areas of Concern

IV. Strategic Objectives and Actions
A. Women and poverty
B. Education and training of women
C. Women and health
D. Violence against women
E. Women and armed conflict
F. Women and the economy
G. Women in power and decision-making
H. Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women
I. Human rights of women
J. Women and the media
K. Women and the environment
L. The girl child

V. Institutaional Arrangements
A. National level
B. Subregional/regional level
C. International level

VI. Financial Arrangements
A. National level
B. Regional level
C. International level

Resolution 2. Expression of thanks to the people and Government of the People's Republic of China
Resolution 3. Credentials of representatives to the Fourth World Conference on Women

Chapter 2: Attendance and Organization of Work
A. Date and place of the Conference
B. Pre-Conference consultations
C. Attendance
D. Opening of the Conference and election of the President
E. Messages from Heads of State or Government
F. Adoption of the rules of procedure
G. Adoption of the agenda
H. Election of officers other than the President
I. Organization of work, including the establishment of the Main Committee of the Conference
J. Appointment of the members of the Credentials Committee

Chapter 3: General Exchange of Views
A. Integration of economic, social and environmental objectives
B. Sectors and issues
C. Means of implementation

Chapter 4: Report of the Main Committee
A. Organization of work
B. Consideration of the draft platform for action
C. Consideration of the draft declaration

Chapter 5: Adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.
Statements in the final plenary session

Chapter 6: Report of the Credentials Committee

Chapter 7: Adoption of the Report of the Conference

Chapter 8: Closure of the Conference


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