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Earth Summit II

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Chapter 3. Implementation of Agenda 21 in Areas Requiring Urgent Action


A. Integration of economic, social and environmental objectives

B. Sectors and issues

C. Means of implementation

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III. Implementation of Agenda 21 in Areas Requiring Urgent Action

22. Agenda 21 and the principles contained in the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development established a comprehensive approach to the achievement of sustainable development. While it is the primary responsibility of national Governments to achieve the economic, social and environmental objectives of Agenda 21, it is essential that international cooperation be reactivated and intensified, recognizing, inter alia, the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities as set forth in Principle 7 of the Rio Declaration. This requires the mobilization of stronger political will and the invigoration of a genuine new global partnership, taking into account the special needs and priorities of developing countries. Such an approach remains as relevant and as urgently needed as ever. It is clear from the assessment above that, although progress has been made in some areas, a major new effort will be required to achieve the goals established at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, particularly in areas of cross-sectoral matters where implementation has yet to be achieved. The proposals set out in sections A to C below outline strategies for accelerating progress towards sustainable development. The sections are equally important and must be considered and implemented in a balanced and integrated way.

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