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NGO Documents for the Earth Summit, 1992

Non-Governmental Organization Alternative Treaties
at the '92 Global Forum

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Treaty 34. Resolution Concerning Guanabara Bay: Humankind's Heritage

1. Acknowledging the historic debt and obligation on the part of the international community, caused by actions which led to the extermination of the Tupi-Guarany native people who lived in harmony with nature upon the shore of Guanabara Bay, and the destruction of whales which used to swim in its waters;

2. Aware of the uncontrolled exploitation of Pau-Brasil from its shores and islands, the deforestation of its shores and the increasing sedimentation of its peripheral ecosystems;

3. Considering the present condition of poverty of the people living along its margins and the environmental degradation -- both caused by the same mindless development model imposed upon developing countries -- which the peoples of the earth, represented by those here in the Global Forum, desire to change; and

4. Having as the central purpose of the Rio Conference of 1992 the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) and the Global Forum to make commitments among all here to change collectively the world community's environmental thinking to create life which is globally sustainable:

5. We, the undersigned, resolve that Guanabara Bay and its surrounding environments be declared as Humankind's Heritage.

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