Earth Summit 2002   Nigel Gibbs

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Nigel Gibbs

Coordinating Facilitator

Nigel is an independent facilitator with a passion for people and the sustainable development of the planet. He originally trained in Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College, London and Cambridge University.

He worked for 15 years with BP, including 10 years on ice mechanics, engineering coatings and team leadership, and for 5 years as an internal coach, facilitating change. He has worked independently for 5 years, adding clients from the engineering, electronics and industries along with BP.

His prime work focus has evolved from technology to business strategy, through environmental impact – ‘green’ operations, climate change and water management-  to social performance and sustainable development. His success is based on “freeing up people’s energy for change” – for creating something new, for themselves, their teams, their organisations.





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