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SWWF Background Papers

 [UN CSD 8]   [Second World Water Forum]  [Key International Agreements]


Eighth Session of UN CSD

Report of the Secretary-General on Progress made in providing safe water supply and sanitation for all during the 1990s 

Note by the Secretary-General on the Review of the ACC Subcommittee on Water Resources.

Integrated planning and management of land resources: combating desertification and drought. Addendum 2.

Sustainable agriculture and rural development: linkages between agriculture, land and water. Addendum 3. 

Capacity building in trade, environment and sustainable development: Background paper No. 1


Second World Water Forum, Hague, March 2000

A final NGO Major Group Statement to Ministerial Conference was signed by 60 organisations and labour groups. Together with other Major Group statements (Gender, Youth, Industry) it forms an attachment to the Ministerial Declaration of the Hague on Water Security.

The outcomes of the two NGO session have been published as a report "Perspectives on Freshwater: Issues and recommendations of NGOs" (pdf file) or to obtain a hard copy from UNED Forum contact: info@earthsummit2002.org

The papers presented during the NGO workshops are available below:


NGO Workshop Papers

Integrated Water Resource Management

NGO Vision paper    (BothENDS)

River Water Use in Uganda  ( NAPE)

Water as a Social and Economic Good

Water Valuation, Investment and Sustainable Development   (WBCSD)

Private Sector Participation in the Water Sector    (IIED)

Water and Agriculture

Integrated River Basins Management: Peasants Vision from River Cauvery Basin, Tamil Nadu, India   (Kudumbam)

The Effects of International Trade on Food Security: A Zimbabwe Case Study Report: Summary of Findings (CIIR)



Water Resources pollution sources, identification in Donbass Region, Ukraine   (ECOTE)


Water as a basic need

Water Law, Water Rights and Water Supply and Sanitation for the Poor   (Peter Howsam)

Human rights and the right to water and sanitation    (WaterAid)

Customary Law and Traditional Water Management    (Green Cross Burkina Faso)

Institutions, governance and public participation

Institutions, Governance and Participation  (WaterAid)

Governance of Water at the Catchment Level  (WHAT)

Governance & Participation in Water Users Associations, Nepal   (Mountain Resource Management Group)


Key International Freshwater Agreements

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International Conference on Water and the Environment (ICWE) in Dublin, Ireland, on 26th - 31st January 1992. 


Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit 1992 Agenda 21 - Chapter 18: Protection of the Quality and Supply of Freshwater Resources


Rio Earth Summit NGO Position Papers


International Conference on Water and Sustainable Development (19-21 MARCH 1998 PARIS, FRANCE)


Expert group meeting on strategic approaches to freshwater management - Harare, 27-30 January 1998


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