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Global Public Goods

The provision of Global Public Goods (GPGs) is still a relatively new process but growing global pressures have increased the international need for a response to the challenges they pose. GPGs cover global issues which range across the whole spectrum of the sustainable development agenda. They include the global environment, international financial stability and market efficiency, health, knowledge, peace and security and humanitarian rights. This paper seeks to outline some of the latest policy ideas which seek to help frame the international debate on these key global priorities by examining them though the “lens” of Global Public Goods. October 2001.


Briefing Paper on Sustaining Our Global Public Goods. - Pdf format. 

Briefing Paper on Sustaining Our Global Public Goods. - Rich text format.

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Other Resources

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Global public goods: concepts and theory



Food security

Human security

International commitments










Le Monde Diplomatique (2000) 

Local Authorities

  • Local Authorities Self-Assessment of Local Agenda 21’ (LASALA)” is a European wide project to self-assess the effects of Local Agenda 21 activities in local authorities or other local sustainable development programmes http://www.iclei.org/europe/lasala/

  • MELISSA – Managing the Environment Locally in Sub-Saharan Africa. http://www.melissa.org/ 



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