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Earth Summit 2002 Initiatives


Earth Summit 2002 Calendar of Events


Access Initiative - World Resources Institute

The Access Initiative (TAI) is a global coalition of public interest groups collaborating to promote national-level implementation of commitments to access to information, participation, and justice in environmental decision-making.


Aspirations and Reality: Building Sustainability - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Foundation

The conference - open to 500 delegates only - centres on the presentation of the world's most successful examples of sustainable development across the sectors to date. Providing access to world-leading expertise and guidance, this is a valuable learning and networking opportunity for those committed to corporate social, economic and environmental responsibility.


Business Partnership Initiatives - Business Action for Sustainable Development

BASD presents 'Business Partnership Initiatives', examples of business working openly with others towards sustainable development.View our collection of partnerships initiatives and submit your own initiative.


The Earth Charter Initiative - Earth Council

The Earth Charter is a vision for the future that can renew government's and people's commitment to achieving what began at the Rio Earth Summit, but has lacked a unified framework and solidarity in effort.


Earth Summit 2002 Awards – Stakeholder Forum & RSA

The ‘Earth Summit 2002 Awards’ aim to encourage further implementation of sustainable development through recognizing, rewarding and publicising 10 years of global stakeholder best practice, which has inspired and will continue to inspire others to work towards the ideals of Agenda 21, as set out at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.


Earth Summit Campaign - Globe Southern Africa

GLOBE Southern Africa's Earth Summit Campaign has four main objectives;

  • To mobilise parliamentarians

  • To raise awareness about the Summit in legislatures around the world

  • To enable MPs to play a meaningful and active role in the preparations for the Summit and at the Summit itself

  • To provide legislators with information and legislative tools they can use after the Summit in their respective parliaments

EnviroLaw Conference 2002 - EnviroLaw Solutions

EnviroLaw 2002 will examine and explore the negotiation, agreement and ratification of conventions, the application of laws and regulations and their impact on sustainable development.


Environment Centre - IUCN

A place of encounter where environment and development, business and NGOs, government and civil society can meet - both formally and informally. Including: "The Green Web in Action" exhibition; Daily high-level Futures Dialogues led by key figures; An "Investment Fair Kiosk", prepared by ProjectsAfrica; and "The Green Web" Internet café, where "free" Internet services will be offered to members.


The Equator Initiative - UNDP, IUCN, TVE

The Equator Initiative is designed to reduce poverty through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Equatorial belt by fostering, supporting and strengthening community partnerships through the recognition of local achievements, the fostering of South-south capacity building, and by contributing to the generation and sharing of knowledge. The first "Innovative Partnership Awards for Sustainable Development in Tropical Ecosystems" will be presented at WSSD.


Implementation Conference - Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future

The Earth Summit 2002 in South Africa offers an ideal context for stakeholders to come together and work out how to do their part in implementing the Sustainable Development Agreements.


Johannesburg Climate Legacy - Various Supporters

Under the umbrella of the WSSD, The Johannesburg Climate Legacy (JCL) measures the CO2 emissions of the Summit (from aircraft flights to electricity used at the event itself). These emissions will be offset through investments in carbon-reducing sustainable projects across South Africa. Companies, individuals, governments can sponsor some of this ‘offset’ and, in so doing on this world stage, make one of the most important commitments in modern history to a sustainable future. In addition to the  climate impact, the offset projects will have a massive and lasting impact on the sustainable development of local communities.


Johannesburg EcoCity Initiative - City of Johannesburg & EcoCity Trust

This half-day tour departs every day twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon. A partnership is seeking to change all of this through the award winning Johannesburg Eco-City Initiative. Waste recycling, paper making, second hand bicycle refurbishment, smokeless fires, ecologically friendly homes, eco-villages, energy conservation, renewable energy from our abundant sunlight, water conservation and harvesting, eco-tourism and youth and women empowerment are just some of the activities you will see and experience on your visit. Find out how energy impacts on the community in the first urban people’s energy centre where solar cookers replace the open hearth as the future for African women in the modern world. Find out how sustainable development can be achieved in a developing country when the community support and commit to such endeavours.


Local Action Moves the World - International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

Local Action Moves the World will provide an opportunity for local government leaders and their partners to present the key messages from the Local Government Dialogue Paper www.iclei.org/johannesburg2002/lgdp.htm, the official representation of the local government position, to the Summit and the world. These messages will be illustrated by best strategy case examples and supported by commitments for the future.


Responsible Tourism in Destinations - Multiple Hosts

Maximising socio-economic benefits for local communities from tourism ventures while maintaining the quality of the environment is a major challenge facing all the stake holders in the tourism industry. These issues will be focussed on during this hands-on, outcomes-based conference in Cape Town, in preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).


Summit Institute for Sustainable Development - The Smithsonian Institution

The SISD is a novel initiative, mobilizing existing WSSD participants to present formal mini-courses on key Sustainable Development issues that will provide background, tools, and approaches for implementation of sustainable development policies.  We invite you to propose a course for the Institute.


The Ubuntu Village - The Government of South Africa

UBUNTU VILLAGE - A place for people of the world to unite on common ground around the nerve centre of the summit where dialogue can be stimulated and opportunities for partnerships maximised.


The Virtual Exhibition - Multiple Hosts

If you have a sustainable development project to share with the world, you have found the perfect platform. If you want to be a part of the Johannesburg summit, you have found the perfect vehicle.


WaterDome - International Water Management Institute, African Water Task Force

The WaterDome will be the main venue during the World Summit where water-stakeholders from public and private organisations will get the opportunity to launch and exhibit their activities, policies, initiatives, new technologies, products and so on. For everyone working in the water sector, for concerned politicians and citizens, for members of the media and for NGOs- the WaterDome is an event you can simply not afford to miss.


The World Forum for Sustainable Development - International Research Foundation for Development 

The world forum of the International Research Foundation for Development will focus on the Implementation of Agenda 21 adopted during the Rio Conference on Environment. We are inviting researchers, policy makers, members of governments and advocacy groups, and all civil society members who are interested and concerned about sustainable development issues to participate in the World Forum. The main objective of this Forum is to contribute to the United Nations effort of ensuring the implementation of the Agenda 21.


The World Sustainability Hearings - Leadership for Environment And Development

In an effort to increase effective participation of ordinary people in global governance, the World Sustainbility Hearings Project and more than 40 other civil society organizations have teamed up to provide a stage for their testimony at the Johannesburg summit - the World Sustainability Hearing. Scheduled in a separate venue near the Summit, the Hearing will feature day-long explorations of critical issues


Got an initiative? Not listed above? Contact tmiddleton@earthsummit2002.org