Background Papers


Side Event / Panel Discussion

at the Intersessional Working Group of the UN Commission on
Sustainable Development 9th Session

16 March 2001, 1.15 - 2.45 pm

UN Headquarters, Dining Room No.1 (4th floor)
(lunch buffet)

Organised by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU),
the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Germany
and UNED Forum, London, UK

Gila Altmann, Parliamentary State Secretary, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)

Yakin Erturk, Director, UN Division for the Advancement of Women
Zehra Aydin, Major Groups Focal Point, UN Division for Sustainable Development
Hesphina Rukato, Minerals & Energy Policy Centre, Johannesburg / ENERGIA Group
Deike Peters, Technical University of Berlin, Germany / CSD Transport Caucus
Minu Hemmati, UNED Forum / CSD Women's Caucus



This CSD Intersessional side event is a follow-up on an international expert conference on "Gender Perspectives for Earth Summit 2002 - Energy, Transport, Information for Decision-Making" held in Berlin, Germany, 10-12 January 2001.

In a multi-stakeholder forum of representatives from NGOs and women's organisations, academia and policy-making bodies, background papers on the three issues of energy, transport, information for decision-making and participation (incl. indicators for sustainable development) were presented and discussed.

The conference aim was to develop concrete policy recommendations on gender perspectives from developing and developed countries on these issues. The Berlin conference contributed to clarifying the value added of gender mainstreaming in sustainable development policies and implementation.

It generated lively discussions on creative and practical measures in energy and transport policies as well as gender sensitive indicators for sustainable development

Discussions at the conference also addressed women’s priorities and possible preparatory strategies for Earth Summit 2002 and the important question of how we can develop a common vision of sustainable development, gender mainstreaming and gender justice.

Presentations and discussions at this side event will focus on background information and concrete policy recommendations with regard to gender aspects of energy, transport and information for decision-making.

Speakers will be experts in these areas, and discussions will focus on successful strategies and recommendations to governments and other stakeholders on:

The workshop report was distributed at the event. You can download it here in PDF format. 



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