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CSD NGO Women's Caucus

Women's Caucus at CSD-8


Meetings & Events at CSD-8:

Co-facilitators report from CSD-8: activities, side events, future plans

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Statement to the Ministerial Segment of CSD-8

Background position paper at CSD-8 

Suggestions regarding the decision on sustainable agriculture and rural development 

Comments and Suggestions re: Possible Elements for a Draft Decision by the Commission on Sustainable Development at its 8th Session 

CSD-8 / Peace Caucus, Women's Caucus, Human Rights Caucus: Who's benefiting from leaving military off CSD review? 

Other Caucuses Material

Human Settlements Caucus CSD-8, 1 May 2000: Land Tenure

CSD-8 Intersessional 
Report on Caucus Activities
Statement on Land Issues
OUTREACH Newsletter Article, 3 March 2000 
(other articles also at
Linkages coverage of women's caucus side event on "Women & Sustainable Development: 2000 - 2002" at

Preparations for CSD-8: Caucus Comments on Intersessional Outcomes and Secretary General's Reports, on:
Finance & Trade
Freshwater Position Paper (April 2000)
Modalities for Earth Summit 2002

Preparations for CSD-8: Background and Position Papers

Issues of CSD-8 and gender-sensitive areas under these issues

Numbers of Women on Delegations