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Download women's caucus background & position papers and other material in TXT format (no formatting) or PDF format.

To download all listed document in one ZIP file, click here (31 files, 842 KB).

Documents in English TXT (KB) PDF
Dialogue Paper by Women. For the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Segment of the Second Preparatory Committee for Earth Summit 2002, Jan 2002   75 KB
Women's Caucus Statement at the UN ECE Regional preparatory meeting for Earth Summit 2002   17 KB
Women's Action Agenda for a Healthy Planet 2002: First Draft   159 KB
Women's Action Agenda For A Healthy Planet 2002 / Project Info   52 KB
Women's Caucus Statement at CSD-9 Intersessional on Transport, 07 March 2001 5 KB 14 KB
Women's Caucus Contribution at CSD-9 Intersessional on Information for Decision-Making, 11 March 2001 15 KB 30 KB
The Role of Women in Approaches to Information for Decision Making and Participation in Sustainable Development   19 KB
Gender & Energy   75 KB
Women & Land 16 23
Micro-Finance 13 26
Food Security   68
Pesticides & Sustainable Agriculture   39
POPs & Reproductive Health   66
Structural Adjustment Programmes 21 23
Women's Caucus Declaration to the WTO, Dec 1999   16
Re-evaluating Relevance: Intellectual Property Rights and Women's Traditional Environmental Knowledge   27
Women & Freshwater   33
Sustainable Agriculture in Tanzania 6  
Sustainable Agriculture in Zimbabwe    
Women & Sustainable Development 2000 - 2002 73 98
Summary of Women's Caucus Concerns and Recommendations for CSD-8 50 97
Caucus Background Paper disseminated at CSD-8 12 22
Caucus Statement to the CSD-8 Ministerial Segment 8 11
Women on CSD Delegations 1997, 1998, 2000 11  
Compilations of International Agreements    
International Agreements on Energy 54 64
International Agreements on Transport 35 46
International Agreements on Information for Decision-Making and Participation, incl. Indicators 110 119
Info & Background Material      
CSD NGO Women's Caucus Info 6  
CSD Stakeholder Dialogues / A Brief History 7 7
CSD & 2002 Info: Background Information about the CSD, CSD-9, Earth Summit 2002, etc.   149 KB
Documents in Spanish    
Mensaje con información acerca del Comité de Mujeres 12  
La Gestion de la Tierra  16  

To download official & NGO documents of the UN processes since 1992, go to the Toolkit for Women Download Page.

ZIP = compressed format ensuring quicker download. 
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