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Resources: 2002

We are constantly gathering useful resources, references, networking information, etc. Please let us know which other references should be included!

NGO, Government and UN Material at UNED Forum's site on Earth Summit 2002

Roadmap to 2002 - Tracking the International Sustainable Development Agenda in the build-up to 2002, issue by issue; gives a year by year representation of how the international agenda for sustainable development is progressing, provided under one common web-orientated forum. This is a tool designed to assist your participation and tracking of Sustainable Development issues, and preparations for work taking place on an international level. To provide a framework for this process, there are executive summaries on the major conferences and UN agencies in the Focus pages. These are designed to give you an understanding of how the UN system operates, and to provide an overview of how the issues have developed to date.  

List serves

CSDGen, general NGO list server around CSD issues and process. Send an email to to join or visit the CSD NGO Steering Committee web-site at http://www.igc.rg/csdngo