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(forwarded by Redwood Mary - thank you!)

EPA informational page:

Hadley Center Report on Climate Change Impacts:

Major Articles on Global Warming from the NYTimes over the past few years:

The US Global Change Research and Information Office Science, impacts and policy:

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center  Research and Data on climate change:

Whitehouse Climate change summary:

The US Global Climate Research Program:

World Wildlife Fund Educational Global Warming Site:

The Center for International Climate and Environmental Research  Oslo: Policy and Economics Issues:

NASA Global change Master Directory-- All aspects of climate change science:

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change  Business and Environmental Leadership Council:

The Union of Concerned Scientists- Global Warming:

Global Climate Change - A review of climate change and ozone depletion:

Based on a book "The Heat is on" by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Ross Gelbspan:

Global Climate Change: Selective List of Online Resources a

"Hopkins report finds environment losing ground to population", full at

New Resources on US Global Change Research Program Web Site at

"Five biggest climate stories of 2000", at

The Smart Growth - Climate Change Connection. A report on "The Smart Growth - Climate Change Connection" by the Conservation Law Fdn, is available at:

Global Historical Climatology Network Website. Climate researchers, students, and others will benefit from this web site's organized approach to gain access to and analyze climate data. The site was developed by Geert 
Jan van Oldenborgh, a climate and oceanography researcher at the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, to take full advantage of data available from the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) and produced jointly by
the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the National Climatic Data Center. Data are added monthly and include surface station observations of temperature, precipitation, and pressure. Access is free to the public, but users must register. See the KNMI Climate Explorer at

US Nat. Assessment of Potential Consequences of Climate Variability & Change at

Extreme Weather Events on the Rise as Greenhouse Gases Drive Climate. Report from The National Center for Atmospheric Research at

Renewable Energy Critical To World's Future. Clean, renewable energy sources like wind are one of the major foundations for a prosperous, equitable, and environmentally sustainable world, according to a major new study produced by the World Energy Council, The full text of the report is available on the Web at