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CSD NGO Women's Caucus

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CSD Women's Caucus Introduction

Women's Caucus to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development: 2000 - 2002

After the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was created to monitor progress of implementation of Agenda 21. The first 5-year review was held in June 1997. At its 55th Session in the autumn of 2000, the UN General will agree the place and agenda for the Summit - a 10-year review of Agenda 21 and a forward looking Summit conference. This will be the first major UN Conference since the Food Summit in 1996.
The UN CSD has pioneered the concept of multi-stakeholder dialogues, based on the acknowledgement of the role stakeholders have in implementing the global agreements. Women were the key group setting the agenda in 1992 - because they started their work before others.
We need to do the same for 2002. The CSD Women's Caucus is calling upon women's NGOs, grassroots women's groups, women in academia, business etc. to join us now.

The CSD NGO Women's Caucus
The CSD Women's Caucus is picking up the challenge of the process towards 2002, aiming to ensure gender mainstreaming of all decisions to be taken. The caucus is a working group of women and men who are interested in and working towards the mainstreaming of gender into sustainable development policies and practical implementation strategies.
The caucus works towards the recognition and adequate action on gender-related aspects of sustainable development issues by providing information and research as well as lobbying on recommendations based on up-to-date analyses and consultation within the caucus.
The CSD Women's Caucus grew out of the 1991 Miami Conference, organized by WEDO, and its outcome document Women's Action Agenda for a Healthy Planet.
The women's caucus meets at the CSD Sessions, organizes side events and takes part in other caucus to ensure gender mainstreaming of NGO work. We lobby on the basis of position papers developed beforehand, make statements in negotiations and work on line-by-line amendments to text being negotiated. In between CSD Sessions, caucus members communicate via email, phone, fax, and post. We operate an open list server to prepare our positions and lobbying strategies, networking globally with interested organisations and individuals.

We have identified a list of tasks towards Earth Summit 2002. To find information about who is doing what, click here.

Convening the Women's Caucus
At meetings of the CSD and preparatory meetings to the Earth Summit 2002, the meetings of the Women's Caucus are convened by the Women's Environment and Development Organisation:
355 Lexington Ave, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10017, USA
Fax: +1.212.9730335
Contact person: June Zeitlin

Managing the Caucus Website and List Serve
UNED Forum
3 Whitehall Court
London SW1A 2EL, UK
Fax.+ 44.0.2079305893
Web: and 
Contact person: Minu Hemmati

Working on the Women's Action Agenda for a Healthy Planet
Rua Alvaro Alvim, 21/16 andar
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20031-010
Fax. +5521.2626454
Contact person: Thais Corral

[ Check Who Is Doing What ]

[ CSD& 2002 Background Info PDF format ]