* Earth Summit
* Earth Summit II
* Human Rights Summit
* Human Rights Review
* Population Summit
* ICPD+5
* Fourth World Conference on Women
* Beijing+5
* Social Summit
* Copenhagen+5
* Habitat II Conference
* Habitat II+5

Other UN Documents

UN Conferences

Check the Brief Introduction to the World Conferences

Outcomes of six of the World Conferences held since 1992, including their 5 Year Reviews and/or preparations for them:

Earth Summit and Earth Summit II
and Earth Summit III

Human Rights Summit and  Human Rights Review
(see also International Bill of Human Rights)

Population Summit and ICPD+5

Fourth World Conference on Women and Beijing+5
see also the 3rd World Conference on Women, Nairobi 1985

Social Summit and Copenhagen+5

Habitat II Conference and Habitat II+5

The outcomes of the UN Summits and Conferences, so-called "Agendas"; "Global Plans of Action"; "Platforms for Action"; and "Declarations", are voluminous documents of sometimes more than a hundred pages.
They contain what the International Community agreed to strive for as our common future.

Don't be put off by length and language! Some of these documents contain very progressive concepts and agreements and we don't know and use them enough.

The Toolkit provides short introductions and the full UN documents.
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