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The Social Summit:

World Conference for Social Development

Copenhagen, 6-12 March 1995
Report of the World Summit for Social Development, Document A/CONF.166/9

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TXT file (343 KB); ZIP file (98 KB)

Also find relevant official and NGO documents, extensive links to stakeholders, online discussions, etc. at UNED Forum's web-site for WSSD+5


Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development

Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development:


I. An Enabling Environment for Social Development

II. Eradication of Poverty

III. Expansion of Productive Employment and Reduction of Unemployment

IV. Social Integration

V. Implementation and Follow-Up

Adoptions and Organizational Matters:

I. Resolutions Adopted by the Summit
1. Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development
2. Expression of thanks to the people and Government of Denmark
3. Credentials of representatives to the World Summit for Social Development 

II. Attendance and Organization of Work
A. Date and place of the Summit
B. Attendance
C. Opening of the Summit and election of the President
D. Messages from heads of State
E. Adoption of the rules of procedure
F. Adoption of the agenda
G. Election of officers other than the President
H. Organization of work, including establishment of the Main Committee 
I. Accreditation of intergovernmental organizations
J. Accreditation of non-governmental organizations
K. Appointment of the members of the Credentials Committee
III. General Exchange of Views
IV. Report of the Main Committee
V. Adoption of the Copenhagen Declaration on Social development and the Programme of Action of the World Sumit for Social Development
VI. Report orf the Credentials Committee
VII. Meeting of Heads of State or Government
VIII. Adoption of the Report of the Summit
IX. Closure of the Summit
I. List of Documents
II. Opening Statements
III. Closing Statements

(This document has been made available in electronic format by the United Nations.)


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