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3rd World Conference on Women, Nairobi 1985

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Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women *

The Forward Looking Strategies call for:

Sexual equality
the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
equal rights under the law
equal rights to marriage and divorce
the establishment, in every country, of a high-level governmental body to monitor and implement progress towards equality

Women's automony and power
the right of all women -- irrespective of marital status -- to buy, sell, own and administer property and other resources independently
the protection of women's rights to land, credit, training, investment and income as an integral part of all agrarian reform and agricultural development
the equal involvement of women, at every stage and level of development
the promotion of women to positions of power at every level within all political and legislative bodies in order to achieve parity with men
measures to promote equal distribution of productive resources and reduce mass poverty among women, particularly in terms of economic recession

Recognition of women's unpaid work
recognition of the extent and value of women's unpaid work, inside and outside the home
inclusion of women's paid and unpaid work in national accounts and economic statistics
the sharing of domestic responsibilities
the development of services, to reduce women's child-care and domestic workload, including introduction of incentives to encourage employers to provide child-care facilities for working parents
the establishment of flexible working hours to encourage the sharing of child-care and domestic work between parents

Advances in women's paid work
equal employment opportunities
equal pay for work of equal value


* Summarized in: Youth Sourcebook on Sustainable Development, Winnipeg:
International Institute for Sustainable Development, 1995.


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