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Habitat II Conference

Istanbul 1996

Download Habitat II Agenda & Istanbul Declaration
TXT file (321 KB); ZIP file (120 KB)

The Habitat Agenda


Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements

I. Preamble

II. Goals and Principles

III. Commitments
A. Adequate shelter for all
B. Sustainable human settlements
C. Enablement and participation
D. Gender equality
E. Financing shelter and human settlements
F. International cooperation
G. Assessing progress

IV. Global Plan of Action

A. Introduction

B. Adequate shelter for all
1. Introduction
2. Shelter policies
3. Shelter delivery systems
4. Vulnerable groups and people with special needs

C. Sustainable human settlements development in an urbanizing world
1. Introduction
2. Sustainable land use
3. Social development: eradication of poverty, creation of productive employment and social integration
4. Population and sustainable human settlements development
5. Environmentally sustainable, healthy and liveable human settlements
6. Sustainable energy use
7. Sustainable transport and communication systems
8. Conservation and rehabilitation of the historical and cultural heritage
9. Improving urban economies
10. Balanced development of settlements in rural regions
11. Disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness, and post-disaster rehabilitation capabilities

D. Capacity-building and institutional development
1. Introduction
2. Decentralization and strengthening of local authorities and their associations/networks
3. Popular participation and civic engagement
4. Human settlements management
5. Metropolitan planning and management
6. Domestic financial resources and economic instruments
7. Information and communications

E. International cooperation and coordination
1. Introduction
2. An enabling international context
3. Financial resources and economic instruments
4. Technology transfer and information exchange
5. Technical cooperation
6. Institutional cooperation

F. Implementation and follow-up of the Habitat Agenda
1. Introduction
2. Implementation at the national level
3. Implementation at the international level
4. Involvement of local authorities and civil society, including the private sector
5. Performance evaluation, indicators and best practices


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