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III Commitments

D. Gender equality (1)

46. We commit ourselves to the goal of gender equality in human settlements development. We further commit ourselves to:

(a) Integrating gender perspectives in human settlements related legislation, policies, programmes and projects through the application of gender-sensitive analysis;

(b) Developing conceptual and practical methodologies for incorporating gender perspectives in human settlements planning, development and evaluation, including the development of indicators;

(c) Collecting, analysing and disseminating gender-disaggregated data and information on human settlements issues, including statistical means that recognize and make visible the unremunerated work of women, for use in policy and programme planning and implementation;

(d) Integrating a gender perspective in the design and implementation of environmentally sound and sustainable resource management mechanisms, production techniques and infrastructure development in rural and urban areas;

(e) Formulating and strengthening policies and practices to promote the full and equal participation of women in human settlements planning and decision-making.

(1) The statement on the commonly understood meaning of the term "gender", presented at the Fourth World Conference on Women by the President of the Conference, is reproduced in Annex V to the present report (The Report of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements.)

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