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The Earth Summit 1992: Agenda 21

Download complete Agenda 21
TXT file (1.12 MB); ZIP file (352 KB)


Chapter 1: Preamble

Section I. Social and Economic Dimensions

Chapter 2: International Cooperation to Accelerate Sustainable Development in Developing Countries and Related Domestic Policies
Chapter 3: Combating Poverty
Chapter 4: Changing Consumption Patterns
Chapter 5: Demographic Dynamics and Sustainability
Chapter 6: Protection and Promotion of Human Health
Chapter 7: Promoting Sustainable Human Settlement Development
Chapter 8: Integrating Environment and Development in Decision-Making

Section II. Conservation and Management of Resources for Development

Chapter 9: Protection of the Atmosphere
Chapter 10: Integrated Approach to the Planning and Management of Land Resources
Chapter 11: Combating Deforestation
Chapter 12: Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Combating Desertification and Drought
Chapter 13: Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development
Chapter 14: Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
Chapter 15: Conservation of Biological Diversity
Chapter 16: Environmentally Sound Management of Biotechnology
Chapter 17: Protection of Oceans: All Kinds of Seas, Including Enclosed and Semi-Enclosed Seas, and Coastal Areas and the Protection, Rational Use and Development of Their Living Resources
Chapter 18: Protection of  the Quality and Supply of Freshwater Resources: Application of Integrated Approaches to the Development, Management and Use of Water Resources
Chapter 19: Environmentally Sound Management of Toxic Chemicals, Including Prevention of Illegal International Traffic in Toxic and Dangerous Products
Chapter 20: Environmentally Sound Management of Hazardous Wastes Including Prevention of Illegal International Traffic in Hazardous Wastes
Chapter 21: Environmentally Sound Management of Solid Wastes and Sewage-Related Issues
Chapter 22: Safe and Environmentally Sound Management of Radioactive Wastes

Section III. Strengthening the Role of Major Groups

Chapter 23: Preamble to Section III
Chapter 24: Global Action for Women Towards Sustainable and Equitable Development
Chapter 25: Children and Youth in Sustainable Development
Chapter 26: Recognising and Strengthening the Role of Indigenous People and Their Communities
Chapter 27: Strengthening the Role of Non-Governmental Organisations: Partners for Sustainable Development
Chapter 28: Local Authorities' Initiatives in Support of Agenda 21
Chapter 29: Strengthening the Role of Workers and Their Trade Unions
Chapter 30: Strengthening the Role of Business and Industry
Chapter 31: Scientific and Technological Community
Chapter 32: Strengthening the Role of Farmers

Section IV. Means of Implementation

Chapter 33: Financial Resources and Mechanisms
Chapter 34: Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology, Cooperation and Capacity-Building
Chapter 35: Science for Sustainable Development
Chapter 36: Promoting Education, Public Awareness and Training
Chapter 37: National Mechanisms and International Cooperation for Capacity- Building
Chapter 38: International Institutional Arrangements
Chapter 39: International Legal Instruments and Mechanisms
Chapter 40: Information for Decision-Making

(This document has been made available in electronic format by the United Nations.)


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