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Copenhagen +5, Geneva 2000:

Review of the World Summit for Social Development

Read the Copenhagen +5 Outcome Document

Go to the UNED Forum web-site in preparation for Copenhagen+5:
The site provides relevant material on the issues under discussion - from the UN bodies working on Social Development and other stakeholders such as NGOs; women's groups; youth, indigenous peoples; religious communities; trade unions; business & industry; research & education; governments; local authorities. It also provides international agreements from other UN processes which are dealing with the same issues.   

The site offers:

WSSD: The outcome of the World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen 1995

WSSD+5: Preparatory documents for the 5 Year Review

UN Commission on Social Development: Reports from Commission meetings 1995 - 2000

Get Involved: Useful information on how to participate in the process towards WSSD+5

10 Commitments / documents by issues: Based on the issues addressed in the commitments from WSSD, each section provides documents relevant to the issue - international agreements from all UN Summit processes, Commissions and other UN Agencies; documents from other stakeholders; incl. an easy download package

Stakeholders / documents by groups: Material relevant to the issues for WSSD+5 from 10 stakeholder groups

Emerging Issues: Information about new strategies to achieve the goals agreed in 1995 and address new / emerging issues under discussion for WSSD +5

Online Discussions: Networking, exchange and coordination 5 is facilitated by online discussions and list servers. Find a directory of existing list servers listed by issues

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