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Commission on Population and Development

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Work Programme

Membership and Secretariat


The Commission on Population was modified as a result of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), becoming the Commission on Population and Development. The Commission monitors, reviews and assesses the implementation of the Programme of Action of the Conference. The Programme is designed to guide national and international policies on population and development over the next 20 years. In addition, the General Assembly requested other specialised agencies to implement and adjust their work programmes in line with the Programme of Action of the Conference.

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Work Programme

The Commission co-ordinates its activities through a system of topic orientated Multi-year work programmes. These are assessed via a 5 yearly review of the progress made in the implementation of the Programme of Action. In order to aid the prioritisation of specific issues, at its 28th session in 1995, the Commission proposed the submission of annual reports on selected topic of the programme of action. The Commissions multi-year work programme 1996-1999 was laid out and endorsed by the Commission at the 28th Session. The 5 year review for this work programme took place in June 1999 (ICPD+5).

Multi-Year Work Programme 1996-1999:
1996: Reproductive rights and reproductive health, including population information, education and communication
1997: International migration, with special emphasis on the linkages between migration and development, and on gender issues and the family
1998: Health and mortality, with special emphasis on the linkages between health and development, and on gender and age
1999: Population growth, structure and distribution, with special emphasis on sustained economic growth and sustainable development, including education

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Membership and Secretariat


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