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Commission on Human Settlements

The Commission on Human Settlements meets every two years.

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Work Programme

Membership and Secretariat


The Commission on Human Settlements was established pursuant to the General Assembly resolution 32/162 of 19 December 1977.
The Commission undertakes the mandate of the UN Centre for Human Settlements, promoting the Habitat Agenda. This plan of action was defined at the Second UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), in 1996. It constitutes the Commission's current medium-term plan (of action). The basic principles established at the conference revolve around adequate shelter for all, and sustainable human settlements developed in the urbanising world.

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Work Programme

The present medium-term runs from 1998-2001, and is structured into four sub-programmes focussing on specific issues. This provides the framework for the Centre’s biennial work programme. Sub-programmes for the current plan are as follows:
Subprogramme 1: Shelter and Social Services
Subprogramme 2: Urban Management
Subprogramme 3: Environment & Infrastructure
Subprogramme 4: Assessment, Monitoring and Information

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Membership and Secretariat

The Commission consists of 58 members, each elected for a four-year term: 16 from African States, 13 from Asian States, 6 from Eastern European States, 10 from Latin American and Caribbean States and 13 from Western European and other States.

The Secretariat is based in Nairobi, Kenya:
UNCHS (Habitat)
PO Box 30030
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel +254 2 621234, 623210, 623988, 623153
Fax +254 2 624266, 624267, 624624, 623080, 624060


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