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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


The Gender in Development Programme


UNDP has offices in 134 countries and operates in 174 countries and territories. They focus on:

poverty eradication;

environmental regeneration;

job creation;

the advancement of women.

UNDP provides direct assistance to these countries by promoting sound governance and market development. The overarching mission being to help countries build national capacity to achieve sustainable human development, with priority given to eliminating poverty and building equity.

UNDP works closely with NGOs, specialised UN agencies and research institutes in implementing its programmes. In addition to these regular programmes, UNDP facilitates a number of special-purpose funds on specific issues which it addresses to further its objectives. These include issues relating to desertification, drought, volunteers and women. Joint with the World Bank and UNEP, UNDP is a managing partner of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). This fund enables countries to translate global concerns into national action on issues including; ozone depletion, global warming, loss of bio-diversity, and pollution of international waters.

In helping Developing Countries to help themselves, UNDP promotes technology transfer from North to South, and draws on experience from around the world. It also promotes technology adaptation and exchange of experience between developing nations. The Programme is funded on a voluntary basis in undertaking its activities, and receives contributions for this work from nearly every country in the world.

More information about UNDP at

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The Gender in Development Programme: GIDP

As part of UNDP, the GIDP supports and monitors UNDP policy and programme implementation to advance the position of women and achieve gender equality. GIDP promotes and advocates gender equality policies and practices as guiding principles for development policy and programming within UNDP and at all levels of decision-making in society and institutions.
The Gender in Development Programme provides resources, training material, advice and various publications. It also hosts an excellent web-site at It also produces a regular newsletter, GenderBeat. You can subscribe from the web-site.

Contact GIDP at
Gender in Development Programme
United Nations Development Programme
One United Nations Plaza
New York, New York 10017
Tel +1 212 906 5051 / 5081
Fax +1 212 906 5857


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