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United Nations International Research and Training Centre for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW)

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INSTRAW is an autonomous body of the United Nations established in 1976 in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.
INSTRAW's mandate is to serve as a vehicle to promote and undertake policy-oriented research and training programmes at the international level to contribute to the advancement of women worldwide.
INSTRAW aims to play a critical role in efforts to achieve the global agenda of gender equality and sustainable development.
Its research studies, the reports of all its workshops, round tables and training seminars, and training materials as well as general public information materials are available on the website at

UPDATE, October 1999: Donors, representatives from interested members states, and the Inter-agency Committee on Women and Gender Equality met in New York on 18 October to discuss the future of INSTRAW. The recent consultation took place in response to staffing and financial constraints currently facing the organisation. At its summer 1999 session, the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) requested that the Secretary General revitalise the organisation, and participants in the 18 October meeting discussed a proposal to do this through re-shaping INSTRAW to rely on a small core staff and heavily focus on new information technologies to pursue its objectives, including a comprehensive web-site. The meeting welcomed the initiative and a resolution will be reviewed at the General Assembly.
For further information contact
(from UNDP / GIDP's Newsletter GenderBeat, No. 18, October 29, 1999)

INSTRAW Resources

AGEING IN A GENDERED WORLD: WOMEN'S ISSUES AND IDENTITIES. INSTRAW will in late 1999 release a book which addresses the reality that women constitute the majority of elderly people in the world living in poverty. "Ageing in a Gendered World" highlights ageing as a women's issue through articles on pension policies, care-giving in the family and community, and identity and empowerment. For further information contact


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