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UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA)

ECA’s primary responsibility is to carry out activities encouraging the growth of economic and social sectors on the continent. In addition, it operates as part of the network of African inter-governmental institutions and organisations that implement the agendas for development adopted by member states.
The Commission focuses its work on capacity building, facilitating government process’ on positions on development policies, promoting dialogue and analysis of issues through conferences. In undertaking these objectives, the ECA introduced major institutional and managerial reforms, which defined 5 core programmes of work and 2 cross cutting themes. These are:

Facilitation of Economic and Social Policy Analysis, to serve member states with timely and influential information on new issues and opportunities.
Ensuring Food Security and Sustainable Development to ensure national efforts which link food security, population and environmental sustainability.
Strengthening Development Management, to aid national ownership of the reform programmes and to create enabling environments for development.
Harnessing Information for Development, to enhance the information revolution in Africa. Ensuring information services are a major focus of national attention with international support.
Promoting Regional Co-operation and Integration, to support efforts aimed to establish and expedite regional economic co-operation and integration.

Cross cutting themes are:

Fostering leadership and Empowerment of Women in Africa, to improve socio-economic conditions of women and to enhance women’s involvement in decision making.
Enhancement of ECA capabilities, to upgrade ECA capacity in information and communications technology, via staff training and engaging the public through mass media.

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