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Training Material


This section provides you with training material which you can use to conduct your own training workshops. You can download them and adjust them to your own interests and needs.



    bulletklein.gif (275 bytes) Information

about the United Nations and its bodies;
UN conferences and agreements;
sustainable development and its components;
the international and national political roadmaps for the next 10 years.

    bulletklein.gif (275 bytes) Practical advocacy work

information and experiences on how to prepare and launch an advocacy campaign;
build a consistency for support;
shape the message, go public and use the media;
educate the public;
reach policy makers;
work as a team and educate colleagues;
communicate effectively with members of different cultural backgrounds;
defend against opposition.

    bulletklein.gif (275 bytes) Mentoring

how to build mentoring relationships between newcomers and experienced members of NGOs to facilitate sharing of experiences which cannot be taught;
learning from role-models;
and ongoing follow-up and encouragement.

    bulletklein.gif (275 bytes) Networking

how to build and maintain networks of people and organizations globally, regionally and nationally.

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