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To help making the UN Agendas a reality and bring about Sustainable Development in every part of the world, women and women's organisations have to play their role, use their rights and take their responsibilities and engage in political work on the local, national, regional and international levels.

This section of the Toolkit is providing information and training material to help you improve your political work.

The Toolkit for Women is offering:

    bulletklein.gif (275 bytes) Training Resources

Information about training institutions and projects and how to use and join them

Links to more training material on the web

References for further reading.

    bulletklein.gif (275 bytes) Training Material

Training material for women and women's organisations, written by experienced campaigners as well as media and communication specialists, incl. examples concerning the current and upcoming issues

Training material to help you operate effectively at the UN meetings, prepared by UNED-UK and the CSD NGO Steering Committee


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