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Women / Beijing
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NGO Documents

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This section provides material prepared by women's NGOS and other Non-Government Organisations involved in the UN Summits and Conferences during the 1990s, and/or their follow-up processes, Commissions and other bodies.
Although these are separate processes, they are closely linked and overlapping.
It is important not to think in the "compartments" of the processes but look across the board. For example, women's groups have been involved in all the UN Summits and their follow-ups and developed important positions and background material.

Sustainable Development / Rio Process
Earth Summit 1992, Earth Summit II 1997 (5 year review), Earth Summit 2002 (10 year review)
Commission on Sustainable Development
CSD NGO Women's Caucus web-site: documents, schedules, links and resources
CSD Women's Caucus Paper: Women and Sustainable Development 2000 - 2002. Recommendations in Agenda 21 and Related Documents and Suggestions for a Review of Implementation. 

Human Rights / Vienna Process:
Human Rights Summit 1993 and Human Rights Review 1998 Commission on Human Rights, High Commissioner on Human Rights

Population / Cairo Process:
Population Summit 1994 and ICPD+5 1999 
Commission on Population and Development

Women / Beijing Process:
Fourth World Conference on Women 1995 and Beijing+5 2000
Commission on the Status of Women

Social Development / Copenhagen Process:
Social Summit 1995 and Copenhagen+5 2000
Commission on Social Development

Human Settlements / Istanbul Process:
Habitat II Conference 1996 and Istanbul+5
Commission on Human Settlements

NGOs, women's organisations, grassroots women's groups and many others have been  participating at the Summit and Conferences and the Commission meetings and parallel NGO Forums. They have presented reports, reports, articles, newsletter, and given statements at the meetings. You will find the documents here on the Toolkit web-site and/or links to web-sites providing them.
In most cases, these documents are not statements or reports of one singular NGO but have been prepared or signed off by groups of NGOs following a process of consultation. You will also find information about some of the bodies and procedures used to prepare common NGO statements - mostly from the women's caucuses and/or issue-based and regional caucuses.

Also check the listings of commented links to Women's Organisations and NGOs.


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