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NGO Documents for the Social Development / Copenhagen Process

Go to the official UN Documents
Check the list of UN Documents on Women's / Gender Issues

Go to the UNED Forum web-site for WSSD and Copenhagen+5:
The site provides resources for all stakeholders on the issues under discussion - from the UN bodies working on Social Development and other stakeholders such as NGOs; women's groups; youth, indigenous peoples; religious communities; trade unions; business & industry; research & education; governments; local authorities. It also provides international agreements from other UN processes which are dealing with the same issues.

The site offers:

WSSD: The outcome of the World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen 1995

WSSD+5: Preparatory and outcome documents of  the 5 Year Review

UN Commission on Social Development: reports from Commission meetings 1995 - 2000

Get Involved: useful information on how to participate in the process towards WSSD+5

10 Commitments / documents by issues: based on the issues addressed in the commitments from WSSD, each section provides documents relevant to the issue - international agreements from all UN Summit processes, Commissions and other UN Agencies; documents from other stakeholders; incl. an easy download package

Stakeholders / documents by groups: material relevant to the issues for WSSD+5 from 10 stakeholder groups

Emerging Issues: information about new strategies to achieve the goals agreed in 1995 and address new / emerging issues under discussion for WSSD +5

Online Discussions: networking, exchange and coordination before WSSD+5 is facilitated by online discussions and list servers. Find a directory of existing list servers listed by issues

Links: directories of links - alphabetically;

Search: search this site using a full text search engine

Download: quick and easy download of all documents on this site - as TXT files or ZIP files

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Previous Documents for the Commission on Social Development

Statement by the Ad Hoc Women's Caucus to the Commission for  Social Development, February 26, 1997

Women's Linkage Caucus Advocacy Agenda
At the 1997 Commissions on Sustainable Development Intersessional, Social Development and Population & Development, 28 February, 1997


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