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NGO Documents for Earth Summit 2002

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Go to UNED Forum's web-site on Earth Summit 2002 at

Check the CSD NGO Women's Caucus material on Earth Summit 2002, eg:

Women's Caucus Comments on Preliminary Views and Suggestions on the Preparations for the Ten-Year Review of the Implementation of the Outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Report of the Secretary-General)

Women and Sustainable Development 2000 - 2002. 
Recommendations in Agenda 21 and Related Documents and Suggestions for a Review of Implementation.


Other NGO Documents

Earth Summit 2002: Amnesia in Working Group 3 ? OUTREACH Article, 2 May 2000


Official Documents

The Commission on Sustainable Development discussed the question of the 10 year review of Rio, 2002, at its 8th Session in May 2000.
The CSD decided to recommend conducting a 10 year review of progress made since Rio as well as forward-looking discussions on urgent and emerging issues.
The event shall be held outside New York, preferably in a developing country, and at highest political level.
Thus, it seems likely that there will be a major UN Summit in 2002.

Check the CSD decision at
(Draft decision submitted by the Vice-Chairman of the Commission,
Mr. Zvetolyub Basmajiev (Bulgaria), on the basis of informal consultations: Preparations for the ten-year review of progress achieved in the implementation of the outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development)


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