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NGO Documents for the Earth Summit, 1992

Non-Governmental Organization Alternative Treaties
at the '92 Global Forum

Table of Contents


Declarations and General Principles

1 People's Earth Declaration
2 Rio de Janeiro Declaration
3 The Earth Charter
4 Ethical Commitments to Global Ecological Posture and Behavior

Education, Communication and Cooperation

5 Treaty on Environmental Education for Sustainable Societies and Global Responsibility
6 Communication, Information, Media and Networking Treaty
7 Treaty for Non-Governmental Organization Cooperation and Sharing of Resources
8 Treaty on a Technology Bank Solidarity System for Technological Exchange
9 Rio Framework Treaty on NGO Global Decision Making
10 Code of Conduct for NGOs

Alternative Economic Issues

11 Treaty on Alternative Economic Models
12 Alternative Treaty on Trade and Sustainable Development
13 Debt Treaty
14 Treaty of the People of the Americas
15 Capital Flight and Corruption Treaty
16 Treaty on Transnational Corporations: Democratic Regulation of their Conduct

Consumption, Poverty, Food and Subsistence

17 Treaty on Consumption and Lifestyle
18 Poverty Treaty
19 Food Security Treaty
20 Sustainable Agriculture Treaty
21 Fresh Water Treaty
22 Fisheries Treaty

Climate, Energy and Waste

23 Alternative Non-Governmental Agreement on Climate Change
24 Treaty on Energy
25 Treaty on Waste
26 Treaty on the Nuclear Problem

Land and Natural Resources

27 Forest Treaty
28 Treaty Regarding Arid and Semi-Arid Zones
29 Treaty on "Cerrados" (Scrubland)

Marine and Ocean Issues

30 Pollution of the Marine Environment
31 Minimizing Physical Alteration of Marine Ecosystems
32 Protecting the Sea from Global Atmospheric Changes
33 Marine Protected Areas
34 Resolution Concerning Guanabara Bay: Humankind's Heritage

Biodiversity and Biotechnology

35 Citizens' Commitments on Biodiversity
36 Marine Biodiversity Treaty
37 Draft Protocol on Scientific Research Components for the Conservation of Biodiversity
38 Citizens' Commitments on Biotechnology

Cross-Sectoral Issues

39 A Global Women's Treaty for NGOs Seeking a Just and Healthy Planet
40 Treaty on Population, Environment and Development
41 Youth Treaty
42 Treaty in Defense and Protection of Children and Adolescents
43 International Treaty between Non-Governmental Organizations and Indigenous Peoples
44 Treaty Against Racism
45 Treaty on Militarism, the Environment and Development
46 Treaty on Urbanization


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