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NGO Documents for the
Commission on Sustainable Development

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NGOs have been very active around the Commission on Sustainable Development which has been set up after the Earth Summit in 1992. They have been actively participating at the Commissions meetings as well as at the first 5 Year Review, Earth Summit II in 1997.
Since 1994, they have given themselves a co-ordinating body - the CSD NGO Steering Committee- and since 1998, they are involved in preparations for Earth Summit III in 2002.
Since 1998, the CSD is holding Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Sessions on selected issues.
The CSD NGO Women's Caucus maintains its own website, providing documents, schedules, links and resources. 

The CSD NGO Steering Committee

Preparations for Earth Summit III
Womens Organisations Follow-Up

OUTREACH - The Voice of the NGO Community at the UN CSD


Commission on Sustainable Development 6th Session, 2000 (CSD-8):

CSD NGO Women's Caucus at CSD-8: Suggestions regarding the decision on sustainable agriculture and rural development

CSD NGO Women's Caucus: Comments and Suggestions re Possible Elements for a Draft Decision on Sustainable Development and Rural Development

Earth Summit 2002: Amnesia in Working Group 3 ? OUTREACH Article, 2 May 2000

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Segment on Sustainable Agriculture; CSD-NGO Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Caucus
Topic 1: Choices in Agricultural Production, Consumption Patterns and Safety Regulations:

Human Settlements Caucus, 1 MAY. 2000: "Land Tenure"

Peace Caucus, Women's Caucus, Human Rights Caucus: Who's benefiting from leaving military off CSD review?

An Expression of Concern on Finance, Trade and Investment Issues; prepared by the Ecumenical Team of the World Council of Churches


Commission on Sustainable Development 6th Session, 1999 (CSD-7):

Womens' Caucus Statement, April 30th 1999

Human Rights Caucus to CSD 1999: Cui Bono? -To Whom the Benefit?

Tourism Dialogue Segment NGO 'Background Papers':
These NGO papers on tourism were co-ordinated by the NGO CSD Steering Committee. The papers do not represent the views of all NGOs or the Steering Committee but those that participated in the process. They offer a framework for discussion on the four topics for the Dialogue Sessions.

Industry Initiatives for Sustainable Tourism (19 April, afternoon session)

Influencing Consumer Behaviour to Promote Sustainable Tourism (20 April, morning session)

Promoting Broad-Based Sustainable Development through Tourism while Safeguarding the Integrity of Local Cultures and Protecting the Environment (20 April, afternoon session)

Coastal Impact of Tourism (21 April, morning session)

Other Tourism Documents:

Gender & Tourism. Women's Employment and Participation, report submitted to CSD-7 by UNED-UK

Sustainable Tourism and Poverty Elimination. Report from a workshop held by the UK Government Departments of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) and for International Development (DfID)

Consumption and Production

Statement on Summary and Elements for a Draft Decision from the NGO Caucus on Sustainable Production & Consumption

Gender & Sustainable Consumption: Bridging Policy Gaps, report submitted to CSD-7 by UNED-UK

Documents at CSD Inter-sessional meeting in February / March 1999

Coverage of the CSD from an NGO perspective is provided on the CSD NGO Steering Committee web-site at
You find NGO Background Papers, Statements and Suggested Amendments at http:/, for example:


NGO Comments on the Elements for a Draft Decision, suggested amendments to the official text

NGO Position Paper, prepared by the Steering Committee's Tourism Caucus at the Intersessional Working Group meeting of the CSD, Feb. 23 1999, to be circulated to government delegations.

Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, as submitted by ECTWT, TEN and EQUATIONS, to the World Tourism Organisation in 1998.

Position Paper of the International Friends of Nature on the role of tourism in the context of sustainable development.

Differentiating between Tourism and "Sustainable Tourism", article by Meenakshi Varandani.

Position Paper of the German NGO Forum on Environment & Development on the environmental and social responsibility of tourism in the context of sustainable development. Spanish version.

Dialogue Themes Paper, submitted to the CSD Bureau, July 1998.

Towards Earth Summit II, 1997 - Tourism text.

23 February, 1999: Statement from NGO Tourism Caucus

25 February, 1999: Statement from NGO Tourism Caucus and Trade Unions


Statement from Consumers International and the NGO Caucus on Sustainable Production & Consumption. On the Adoption and Implementation of the Revised UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection and national policies on sustainable production & consumption


Commission on Sustainable Development 6th Session, 1998 (CSD-6):

Women’s Caucus Amendments to the Draft Decision on Strategic Approaches to Freshwater Management

Statement on behalf of the NGO Freshwater Caucus, CSD Intersessional, 24 February, 1998

Statement on behalf of the CSD NGO Steering Committee to the Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Group on Industry on the Secretary General's Report on Consumer Protection / Guidelines for Sustainable Consumption

Commission on Sustainable Development 6th Session, 1997 (CSD-5):

Women's Linkage Caucus Advocacy Agenda
At the 1997 Commissions on Sustainable Development Intersessional, Social Development and Population & Development, 28 February, 1997


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Commission on Sustainable Development
NGO Steering Committee
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The CSD NGO Steering Committee was established at the UN Commission for Sustainable Development in 1994 to facilitate the involvement of NGOs and other major groups at each annual session of the CSD. Membership in the Steering Committee is determined in elections held at each annual session of the CSD, with memberships running for a one year term. Members currently include Major Groups, Grassroots Organisations, National, Regional & Global NGO’s & Networks. Caucuses are established within the Committee to provide the focus for specific issues. They are made up from member organisations to the Committee.
The Committee hosts

Regional Caucuses;

Issue Based Caucuses;

Major Groups Caucuses, e.g. the Women's Caucus.

The Northern and Southern Caucuses elect a Northern & Southern Co-Chair. Each Chair serves a one year term and acts as the focal point for member organisations from their respective regional caucus. Each Committee member has the responsibility of re-disseminating CSD related information between sessions to their regions and constituencies.
On-going activities during each session of the UN CSD include

organising daily strategy sessions for collective action;

facilitating working groups and caucuses on the issues before the respective meetings;

liaising with the CSD Secretariat;

Organising meetings with government groups;

providing media & communications support;

providing training for new NGO delegates;

co-ordinating parallel NGO forums and other special activities; facilitating space for NGO meetings;

organising pre-meetings prior to the official sessions to help NGOs agree on common positions;

co-ordinating NGO input and reaction to NGO government dialogue.

Caucuses elect 2 Co-chairs each, aiming at regional and gender balance (as appropriate).

For further information on the Committee please refer to:


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