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Relevant Newsletters

Below, you find a selection of relevant electronic newsletters which are available free of charge. After subscribing, newsletters will be sent to you via email.
If you want the Toolkit to include other newsletters not listed here, please let us know ( !

is an Internet-based women's information service and network in Asia. AWORC develops cooperative approaches and partnerships in increasing access to and exploring applications of new information and communication technologies (ICT) for women's empowerment. AWORC's website address is

is a free Monthly Webzine that provides news about women from all over the world and offers a listings of 1000s of Women’s: Groups/ Courses/ Resources/ Events and more. Visit

is an occasional bulletin by UNDP (Gender In Development Programme) that disseminates official information about the review, share updates about UNDP’s plans for participation in the preparatory process at different levels, and highlight information resources and networking opportunities. Visit the web-site at for a fully formatted version of this news bulletin, or to read our periodical "UNDP Gender Beat."
Send questions and submissions for UNDP's Beijing +5 Bulletin to or

is published by the Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme (BLP) of the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) to inform and to stimulate exchange between local authorities, civic organisations, policy makers, researchers and urban practitioners for making our cities and communities more liveable. For more information on the BLP, please visit

provides news and information about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in agriculture and food production. To Subscribe to the free electronic newsletter, send an email to: with the simple message in the body of the text: subscribe pure-food-action. Check the Campaign's web-site at The Campaign is affiliated with the Organic Consumers Association, at

is to synthesize some of the information available from various sources, touching on the high points of the debate concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). If you wish to be placed on a list to receive the English version of the Bulletin, or the Spanish, or both, please direct a request to the e-mail address below. Indicate whether you wish to receive the email or the "attached file" (Word 7 for Windows 95) version. Email: Visit the web-site at

One of the main aims of the CODEP network is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and thinking on the causes and impact of conflict and the promotion of good practice in peace-building and development.
The newsletter is being sent out to a wide range of organisations, networks, institutions and individuals working in the field in the UK and internationally.
To subscribe, send an email to or the CODEP Co-ordinator, Kathleen Armstrong, at
If you have recent publications, upcoming workshops, conferences or seminars, ongoing or completed research and/or projects that you would like to tell pass on, please send the details to Kathleen Armstrong, Co-ordinator, CODEP at email:
CODEP would also like to start featuring organisations, networks and institutions in the newsletter to let people know who is doing what. So please send us a summary of your current research, projects, objectives and activities and we will put it in the newsletter.

is a daily e-mail publication that has been providing up to date information to Netizens since 1996. Subscription information is available at or send an e-mail to with SUBINFO CSSINEWS in the SUBJECT line.

is a daily news bulletin produced at numerous international meetings on sustainable development issues. On the first day of each meeting, ENB publishes a short summary of the respective body and topic; on the last day, ENB provides a summary of the meeting. Electronic versions are sent to e-mail distribution lists and can be found on the Linkages WWW server at
For information on the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, send e-mail to
ENB is
published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD); email: Linkages web site, a major gateway to sustainable development on the internet, at

is a weekly e-mail development information service compiled by the Programme for Development Research (PRODDER) at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), on behalf of CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, in order to inform the international development community of important and interesting events and initiatives in the development field. This service is provided free of charge every Tuesday to any interested individual or organisation with an e-mail address. Those interested in becoming e-CIVICUS subscribers will be added to the list on request. Subscribers are welcome to submit information and comments based on these categories for inclusion in future editions. This information must reach PRODDER by Friday every week. Visit the web-site at or

The Electronic Journal for Information Systems In Developing Countries strives to become the foremost international forum for practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers to share their knowledge and experience in the design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of information systems and technologies in developing countries. There will be no subscription fees. Topics of interest are as wide and diverse as the audience that we address. However, certain issues relating to ICTs in developing countries sit at the forefront of system planning and development activities. Visit the journal's website for further information at

the Information Gateway to new information sources on development. All documents are available free on the Internet (or you can try the experimental email-only option). ELDIS currently includes descriptions and links to over 3000 organisations and over 6000 full-text online documents covering development and environmental issues. It can be searched or browsed free over the Internet. To receive instructions on how to obtain any articles in full-text by email, send email to Visit the web-site at

a regular newsletter from UNDP's Gender in Development Programme, providing news about meetings, publications, networks, schedules, etc. on what is happening inside the UN and in partnership with the UN on woomen's and gender issues. Also provides information on how to get involved in upcoming regional and international meetings.
If you have questions on or submissions for GenderBeat, please contact or
UNDP Gender Beat is also available on the UNDP web-site at, click on "News".

GILC News Alert
is the newsletter of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign, an international coalition of organizations working to protect and enhance online civil liberties and human rights. Organizations are invited to join GILC by contacting information about GILC members and news is available at You may re-print or redistribute the GILC NEWS ALERT freely. To subscribe to the alert, please send an mail to with the following message in the body: <subscribe gilc-announce>.

about partnerships between NGOs and businesses on environmental issues. To subscribe and check the archives, visit Check the Greenleaf web-site at  

is an information list dealing with international human rights concerning women. To subscribe, send a message expressing your wish to do so to the listowner, Debra Guzman, at DEBRA@OLN.COMLINK.APC.ORG

Is the Newsletter of the ID21 Development Research reporting service. The ID21 online collection contains hundreds of policy-relevant research digests on critical global development issues, drawn from over 40 major UK-based economics and social studies departments and think-tanks, together with a wide range of NGO research departments and consultants. ID21News brings you regular updates of the latest additions to the collection. To see the whole collection visit the Web-site at

written by Anna White and Sean Sheehan, is distributed monthly to organizations working on consumption issues. Back issues can be read at To submit material for possible inclusion in In Balance or to be added/removed from the distribution list, please contact

is a quarterly electronic journal that focuses on current Latin American politics from a progressive perspective. Every three months, it runs a feature coverage on a specific country. Topics may include resistance movements, environmental activism, campesinos, labor issues, diasporas, human rights, U.S. policy towards Latin America, women and sexual minorities, U.S. interventionism, the social impact of economic "reforms," etc. Visit the web-site at

is produced by: International Women's Tribune Centre; e-mail: GlobalNet keeps you updated on the follow-up of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 and preparations for Beijing +5 in 2000. It also disseminates news on women’s rights issues in general, relevant resources, events, publications, networks.

is an electronic newsletter, published by ENDA-SYNFEV on gender issues in francophone Africa. The newsletter is published in French.
"La toile d'elles", bulletin electronique bimensuel des femmes d'Afrique francophone, publie par ENDA-SYNFEV en partenariat avec Inter Press Service Francophone et Les Penelopes, avec le soutien du Fonds francophone des inforoutes
Informations, contributions et abonnements :

The Newsletter of the Earth Council's Indigenous Peoples Program "Life, Wisdom and Future" is a periodical publication of the Indigenous Peoples Program of the Earth Council, with the valuable contribution of the Fetzer Institute. To subscribe or to send comments and contributions, please contact:
The Indigenous Peoples Program / The Earth Council; Post Office Box 2323-1002, San Jose Costa Rica; Tel: (506) 256-1611; Fax: (506) 255 2197; E-mail:
The Indigenous Peoples Program of the Earth Council is currently developing a process to gather contributions (research papers, articles and related documents). If you wish to contribute, please send said documents to the same address.

The News and Trends section of the Consumption and Production Patterns website is a "bulletin board" for selected information on projects, initiatives, publications, events, suggestions, and ideas for making consumption and production patterns more sustainable.
News and Trends is regularly being posted to the UN Division for Sustainable Development's web-site. You can access News and Trends directly at
Please feel free to make your inputs available to us for the next issues of "News and Trends" or for other sections on the website on consumption and production patterns.
The electronic newsletter will inform you of new issues being put up and their table of contents. To subscribe, please contact: Oleg B. Dzioubinski; Associate Economic Affairs Officer; UN/Department of Economic and Social Affairs Division for Sustainable Development; Two UN Plaza, DC2-2284; New York, NY 10017; Tel.: (212) 963-1859; Fax: (212) 963-4260; E-mail:

is an email service through which one is able to tell other partners about campaigns, issues, projects and initiatives that your organisation is involved with. Send short attachment-free messages to to appear in this email newsletter at noon on Fridays. Anyone within your organisation can subscribe to this email newsletter by sending the following text message to with the message "subscribe network-digest". Remember to leave the subject field blank. If you have any questions about the email digest, please contact Joanna John at

News from the Organic Consumers Association. To subscribe to the free electronic newsletter send an email to: with the simple message in the body of the text: subscribe. If you would like to join the Organic Consumers Association, visit their web-site at

is the Newsletter of the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP), bringing you news and views from GKP, via mail and the Internet, monthly. Submissions are welcome; see below for details. Note that you can get the Newsletter as a formatted document from the GKP Website is a growing partnership of public, private and not-for-profit organizations working together to help people access knowledge and harness information and communications technologies that will help them live meaningful and fruitful lives. e-mail:

is a newsletter focussing on environmental health issues, covering relevant events, publications, findings, networks, etc. To start your own free subscription, send E-mail to with the words SUBSCRIBE RACHEL-WEEKLY YOUR NAME in the message. Back issues are available at

is an online journal focusing on issues of reproductive health, rights and gender in South Asia. The first issue includes critiques of population control and the notion of reproductive rights. Re/productions is available online at

Is the news service of the Global Reproductive Health Forum at Harvard University. Keeping you informed about the latest news, research and discussions about topics in reproductive health. If you have information you would like to add to ReproTech Newsletter or the Bulletin Boards on the web-site send an email  to Visit the web-site at

is an Indigenous Peoples project dedicated to protecting and preserving lands and cultures. RTP is also concerned about the increasing displacement of Indigenous Peoples because of tourism development and will support urgent actions to immediately assist anyone threatened of removal from their homelands. To subscribe, send an email to Send information about training programs, education, publications, materials, conferences, and other resources to the same address.

Social Watch is an international citizens' coalition monitoring implementation of the world governments' commitments to eradicate poverty and achieve gender equity. Social Watch News informs you about updates on the Social Watch web-site. To subscribe, send a message to: Visit the web-site at

is an International Online Journal of Technologies for the advancement of Knowledge and Learning. TechKnowLogia is published bimonthly by Knowledge Enterprise, Inc., in collaboration with UNESCO, OECD and GIIC.
TechKnowLogia provides policy makers, strategists, practitioners and technologists at the local, national and global levels with a strategic forum to share policies, strategies, experiences and tools in harnessing technologies for knowledge dissemination, effective learning, and efficient education services. It also reviews systematically the latest systems and products of technologies of today, and peeks into the world of tomorrow. Please visit our site at to learn more about the Journal's exciting features, departments, and editorial policy.
You can find it at; subscription is free.
Register and enjoy the site as well as a wealth of informative and engaging articles, written by top experts in the field of technology and learning. Once you subscribe, you will receive an email (including an annotated table of contents) every time a new issue is posted.

An electronic newsletter by the Information Society, a network organisation devoted to ICT and development issues in the broades sense. To subscribe or check the previous issues, visit
If you do not find the answer contact

is a free electronic news bulletin that will highlight events, meetings, forums, and other planning activities during the build-up to the World Trade Organization's Third Ministerial meeting, to be held November 29 - December 4, 1999, in Seattle, USA. "The Road" will inform you about the meetings and activities of government ministers and their negotiators throughout the course of this year. It will also closely track the plans of citizens groups, labor unions, church organizations, environmentalists, farmers, small businesses and others as they come together to strategize and plan for their role in the trade talks. To subscribe, send an email to In the body of the message write: subscribe road_to_seattle. The full text searchable archives to this and other news bulletins produced by IATP can be viewed on the World Wide Web at: Submissions to the Road to Seattle should be sent to Renske van Staveren at:, or faxed to Renske at: (1) 612-870-4846.

(UNCHS / Habitat)

Press Releases Newsletter, emailing Habitat's press releases to subscribers. To subscribe, send a message to Please send any queries on this list to

On the Website of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) at, you can subscribe to a newsletter informing you regularly of updates on the UNRISD web-site.

UN Wire
the daily news summary covering the UN, global affairs and key international issues is available free from the United Nations Foundation's homepage at It provides a concise daily summary of key stories from around the world; features direct links to full-text, audio, video and additional sources of information on the Internet; covers a wide range of issues, including UN Affairs, Women, Children and Population, Health, Environment and Sustainable Development, Education, Science & Culture, Economics, Trade and Development, Humanitarian Aid and Food Security, Human Rights, Justice and Democracy, Peacekeeping and Security. For more information, contact: UN Wire, Send press releases & other news information to or fax +1 703 519-6377.

WFS Log (Women's Features Service)
provides news briefs on development and gender issues as part of its service. Information may be submitted for publication. Email:

published by, a business-to-business network, connecting Asian busines women and providing latest news and events of interest to businesswomen in Asia and North America  To subscribe, visit the web-site at, or email
Problems accessing the web-site should be directed to If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the web-site site please email me at

was created in 1996 to present the status of women in third world regions and to create a compilation of on-line resources about women participation in development and modernization processes. The site discusses every week different aspects of women lives (economics, politics, religion, and socio-cultural) to explore the advance of women in society. You will find useful information about women's role in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Visit or email

a women's newspaper on the web - at
Worldwoman, still under development, aims to put female perspectives on human and civil rights on the agenda through a weekly online newspaper to be launched on International Womens Day 2000. That day will also see the publication of "physical" newspapers on every continent written by local women journalists.
The Worldwoman project - based in Strathclyde's Centre for Journalism at Jordanhill, Glasgow, UK - will provide a news agency and newspaper template for women in participating countries - its hoped British Council, DFID and local newspaper support will make training, publication and distribution viable. The key countries who've expressed an interest are Mexico, Ukraine, Kenya, Mauritius, Egypt, Brazil and Zimbabwe.
These centres may be able to support women in other neighbouring countries as follows - Kenya (Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania); Mauritius (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia); Nigeria/Ghana; Egypt (Jordan, Tunisia); India (Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan); Ukraine/Kazhakstan; Mexico (Colombia, Chile).


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