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Discussion Groups

Listed are numerous discussion groups (or "e-groups", "list servers", "electronic forums", "online discussion groups") - however, these are only a small selection of what the internet offers.

Homes and Listings of Discussion Groups
Web-sites hosting thousands of discussion groups; providing gender-related annotated listings of mailing group; providing search facilities

Discussion Groups Focussing on UN and other Inter-Governmental processes and bodies
UN or NGO initiatied discussion groups for various purposes: exchange and discussion, information provision, preparation for upcoming meetings, etc.

Other Gender-Related Discussion Groups
International and regional groups focussing on various issues and their gender-related aspects

NOTE that in many cases, you can subscribe in various ways:
by email: you will receive every single message that has been sent to the group individually;
by "digest": you will receive one email message daily (sometimes weekly) which contains all messages sent during this time period;
on the web: you will not receive emails but have to visit the group's web-site to read the mesagges;
by summary: Some groups also provide summaries of the discussions during the summarized time period; in some cases you can subscribe to the summaries only.

Homes and Listings of Discussion Groups

an excellent resource of discussion groups, providing annotations and subscription details of publicly accessible electronic forums related to women or to women-focused gender-issues, is Joan Korenman’s frequently updated web-site.

eGroups.com: A site hosting over 200.000 discussion groups with several millionmembers. You can search the site for groups interesting for you and access the postings of most of these groups. You can very easily set up your own list server; there is an option free of charge (with very little adverting).

mailbase.uk: A site hosting more than 2300 discussion lists (list servers) with more than 150.000 members worldwide. Based at the University of Newcastle, the site is easy to search, provides the latest postings of discussion groups, and subscription forms.

Onelist is another host of numerous electronic forums; you can search the database of groups, access their archives, easily (and fro free) create your own, etc.

A Search Engine to find discussion groups of your interest on the Usenet:


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Specify your search by combining several terms with "+" for including them and "-" for excluding them. Make sure you place a "+" or "-" in front of every term with no blank.

Discussion Groups Focussing on UN and other Inter-Governmental Processes and Bodies

General NGO list server around CSD issues and process. Send an email to owner-csdgen@undp.org to join.

Agriculture safs-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Education education-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Energy energy-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Finance and Trade finance-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Forests forests-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Freshwater freshwater-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Oceans oceans-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Tourism tourism-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Transport transport-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Women women-csd-subscribe@egroups.com
Consumption, contact: jbarber@econet.org
Earth Summit 2002, contact UNED-UK at una@mcr1.poptel.org.uk
Voluntary Initiatives, contact: anped@antenna.nl

In June 2000, the UN General Assembly in New York met to review whether governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector have fulfilled the commitments made at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.
The UN's WomenWatch has organized the BEIJING+5 GLOBAL FORUM, a series of Internet Working Groups to provide input into the UN review, on all 12 critical areas of concern of the Beijing Platform for Action. 
View the summaries at www.un.org/womenwatch

is a moderated forum for follow-up discussion of the United Nations Conference on Women in September 1995 in Beijing, China and international feminism. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE BEIJING95-L EmailAddress to MAJORDOMO@NETCOM.COM.

is a moderated list supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It includes subscribers from 55 countries, including 28 developing countries. As a result, the list emphasizes discussion of the Beijing UN Women's Conference issues as they affect developing countries as well as industrialized ones. The list hopes to continue beyond the Conference, focusing on implementation of the Women's Conference and the Social Summit agreements. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE BEIJING-CONF to MAJORDOMO@CONFER.EDC.ORG

is run by Women on the Net, a UNESCO-SID project to provide a multicultural gender perspective on international communications systems. To subscribe, send a blank message to CYBORG-L@LIST.WIGSAT.ORG and put the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject header (not in the body of the message).

A list-server discussing the UN ongoing work on Finance for Development, regularly providing information about the proceedings, such as through summaries of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. To subscribe, send an email to FFD-L-request@MBnet.MB.CA

The Canadian International Development Agency's (CIDA) Asia Branch is undertaking a virtual dialogue to learn more about what works to reduce poverty. Information is available from the CIDA homepage at http://www.acdi-cida.gc.ca/home. Look for the link to the Poverty Reduction Project in Asia in the top right hand corner. The virtual dialogue includes a section on Universal Access to Infrastructure Services, including providing telecommunications services to Asia's poor.

The electronic discussion group of the Program on Women, Health and Development (HDW) of the Pan American Health Organization. This is a RESOURCE ONLY listserv to disseminate information relevant to any individual or organization working on women's issues.
GENSALUD is one of the distribution media of the monthly FACT SHEET of the Program on Women, Health and Development. It distributes information on new projects and results, upcoming conferences or meetings, handouts, bibliographies, listings of new sources, library catalogues and archives, internet resources, and datasets on themes as diverse as sexual and reproductive health and rights, violence against women and girls, quality of care, health reform and gender equity, tobacco and young girls, and ethnicity among others. GENSALUD is administrated by HDW and the information is posted in both English and Spanish.
To subscribe to GENSALUD, send a message to: listserv@paho.org. In the body of the message, type: SUBSCRIBE GENSALUD. If you need more information, contact Nathalie Valdes, Pan American Health Organization PAHO/WHO, Program on Women, Health and Development, Division of Health and Human Development, 525, 23rd St. N.W., Washington DC 20037, USA, Tel: +1 202 974-2135 Fax +1 202 974-3617, Email: valdesna@paho.org

a list for discussion and exchange of gender issues relating to the Habitat Agenda (Istanbul 1996) and the UN Centre for Human Settlement (Habitat). Expected to become more busy when the preparations for the five year review of implementation of the Habitat Agenda take shape; the first preparatory committee (PrepCom) meeting for the review will take place in May 2000 in Nairobi.
To subscribe, send an email to owner-habifem@undp.org

UNGASS and SIDSnet Discussions
The Small Islands Developing States Network (www.sidsnet.org) is holding a series of internet based virtual conferences addressing the upcoming United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in review of the implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action for Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Topics for the conference have been selected from issues that have been highlighted by particpants at the recent Commission for Sustainable Development as issues for further discussion at UNGASS on September 27-28, 1999. It is hoped that these discussions will encourage stakeholders on island issues to voice relevant opinions or concerns and discuss them with key representatives from AOSIS and other countries who will be at UNGASS.
Conference topics are:
July 7 - July 30 - Discussions on the Vulnerability Index
August 2- 13 Discussions on Transboundary transportation of toxic / nuclear shipments
August 16 - September 17th Trade / Globalization and impact on Small Islands
Topics will be broken up into more detailed issues and further resources are available on SIDSnet. Participation will be by e-mail or through the SIDSnet website.
SIDSnet will also host a special calendar announcing events in preparation for the UNGASS session and links to websites with relevant information.
Stay informed on activities for UNGASS, visit us and participate in the virtual conferences at http://www.sidsnet.org.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) hosts an online discussions surrounding the African Development Forum 1999 (ADF'99 - Challenges to Africa of Globalisation and the Information Age). The online discussion is hosted by Bellanet ). Started 1 June 1999 and will continue online until the start of ADF'99, to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 25-28 October 1999. Discussions are open to anyone interested in issues of information technology, globalisation and African development. The African Development Forum is an initiative led by the UNECA to establish an African-driven development agenda that reflects a consensus among major partners and that leads to specific programmes for country implementation. For more information concerning the ADF or this activity, email: bounemra.uneca@un.org or hafkin.uneca@un.org
Bellanet is an international initiative with a mission to increase the impact of development programming. We foster inter-agency collaboration through more effective use of information and communication technologies.
In order to assure that those with limited Internet access can participate, the dialogue will be conducted by means of an email discussion list, with summaries of posted messages archived to the ADF web site at http://www.un.org/Depts/eca/adf/index.htm
To subscribe to the email discussion list, please send a message to LYRIS@LYRIS.BELLANET.ORG. In the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE AISI-HITD-L Firstname Lastname.
If you do not subscribe, you will still be able to read the messages on the African Development Forum web site, but you will not be able to send messages without first subscribing to the list. Complete information and instructions are available from the ADF web site at http://www.un.org/Depts/eca/adf/discuss.htm

The organizers of the World Bank Development Forum facilitate the following online discussions (the discussions will last between four to eight weeks). Additional information about the respective dates is available on the Forum website at http://www.wordbank.org/devforum
Discussions in the Development Forum are open to participants from around the world. In order to assure that those with limited Internet access can participate, these dialogues are conducted by means of moderated email lists, with individual messages archived to the Development Forum website. Participants with web access also will be able to send or reply to messages using the website.
* Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF)
In October 1998, at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings, World Bank President James Wolfensohn outlined his vision for a Comprehensive Development Strategy. That vision draws on work and ideas from across the Bank and the broader development community. This discussion will flesh out the strategy that has been generated as a result. It will be, first and foremost, an opportunity for a wide and diverse audience to share its views on the concept, discuss experiences, and provide ideas and suggestions on how best to operationalize the approach. The CDF proposal as well as questions and answers are available at http://www.worldbank.org/cdf
* Partnerships with the Private Sector for Development in Africa (PARTENARIATS)
Co-sponsored by l'AUPELF-UREF (Agence francophone pour l'enseignement superieur et la recherche). The Africa Region of the World Bank is currently assessing how and when to best partner with the private sector for development. Although the Bank has heightened its focus on partnerships, best practices have not been fully identified for working with the private sector to build capacity, invest in health and education, or to create environments with good governance, infrastructure and service delivery. Through this discussion, we seek the views of all actors in Africa's economic growth, the global corporate sector and the communities within which they operate and serve.
* Democracy, Market Economy, and Development (DMED)
Co-sponsored by the Korea Development Institute. Good governance is increasingly being considered an indispensable element of sustainable development strategy. A conference, jointly sponsored by the World Bank and the Government of Korea, was held recently on this topic in Seoul, Korea. The electronic conference now being proposed is a follow-up to this event and will cover the same four areas, namely: Values, Governance and Development; Governance and the Political Economy of Reform; Corporate Governance and Economic Development; and The Rule of Law, Corruption and Development.
Background materials for this discussion, consisting of speeches and papers presented at the Seoul Conference, may be found at the website for the Conference http://www.democracy-markets.org/
* Social and Environmental Impact of Privatization (SE-IMPACT)
This discussion focusses on how privatization programs should be designed, once a decision is taken to privatize. This does not mean that we consider privatization to be the best option in all circumstances. However, if privatization is indeed chosen as the option, it will be necessary to design the program appropriately so that privatization has beneficial social and environmental, as well as financial and economic, impacts.
* The Demand-Respnsive Approach to Rural Water and Sanitation
Co-sponsored by OneWorld, WaterAid, GARNET, and IRC. According to the World Bank, demand-responsive approaches to rural water and sanitation service delivery help to promote innovation and flexibility. They also help develop powerful incentives for a wide range of stakeholder groups - communities, NGO's and others - to participate. This conference will aim to examine the concept and discuss its practical application. This discussion will be the first in a series of electronic conferences being organized to promote dialogue and knowledge sharing among practitioners in the water and sanitation sector. Each of the moderated conferences will focus on a specific theme related in particular to rural water and sanitation. In 1999, four conferences are planned.
To subscribe to the discussion groups outlined above, please send a message (do not enter a subject) to: MAJORDOMO@JAZZ.WORLDBANK.ORG
In the body of the message, type:
(if you want to join the list on the Comprehensive Development Framework)
(if you want to join the list on Democracy, Market Economy, and Development)
(if you want to join the list on Social and Environmental Impact of Privatization)
(if you want to join the list in French and English on Partnerships with the Private Sector in Africa)
To join the discussion on Rural Water and Sanitation, please send a message asking to subscribe to the list owner at: dra-request@mailbase.ac.uk
For each dialogue you subscribe to, you will receive a welcome message with instructions on how to post messages, unsubscribe, etc. The discussions will then be officially launched with an opening message from the moderators. The moderators will prepare weekly summaries of the discussion as well as a final summary - which will be distributed to all list members and posted on the website.
If you do not subscribe, you will still be able to read the messages on the Development Forum website, but you will not be able to send messages without first subscribing to the list.
Please contact DEVFORUM@WORLDBANK.ORG if you have any questions.

Other Gender-Related Discussion Groups

is a feminist activist discussion list dedicated to gaining full and equal women's rights through immediate actions. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ABIGAILS-L FirstName LastName to LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM ; your request will be sent on to the listowner.

is a forum for staff in British higher education institutions "to discuss all issues relating to the work and professional experience of women as academic and academic-related staff." To subscribe, send the message JOIN ACADEMIC-WO Firstname Lastname to MAILBASE@NEWCASTLE.AC.UK

is a list about domestic violence, sponsored by the Women's Rights Network. The discussion is focused on brainstorming about difficult issues, effective strategies, information sharing, and planning for joint global actions. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ACTGLOBAL Your Name to LISTSERV@TIL.ORG

is a moderated list "designed to provide the Lesbian and Gay Community a resource by which we can respond to attacks on our community that are occurring anywhere." For more information, send the message INFO ACTION-ALERT to MAJORDOMO@VECTOR.CASTI.COM . To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ACTION-ALERT to the same address.

A list on Agriculture and ICTs in Africa, discussing ICT issues relating to agriculture and natural resource management in Africa. The main objectives of the list are to identify and indicate key ICT issues and strategies relevant to agricultural development and natural resource management in Africa; improve the common pool of knowledge and expertise available in this area; identify relevant projects and expertise that could assist in defining strategies; provide a mechanism for monitoring technical developments and electronic information sources which can benefit those working in the area of agriculture, rural development and natural resource management. While the focus is on Africa, AFAGRICT-L should be relevant for other developing regions. The list was established by The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), which is based in Wageningen in the Netherlands. It is moderated by Mike Jensen. Bellanet is providing list hosting services.
AFAGRICT-L is supported by a web site which features an extensive collection of links to resources on the subject, at http://www.agricta.org/afagrict-l/index.htm
Subscribe through the web site listed above, or by sending an e-mail message to LYRIS@LYRIS.BELLANET.ORG with the message SUBSCRIBE AFAGRICT-L FIRSTNAME LASTNAME

is a list for women and men (academics, scholars, activists, policymakers, and students) who are interested in discussing gender issues in Africa. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE AFWOSCHO Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.IUPUI.EDU

An Australian list for "women involved in agriculture -as farmers, scientists, community workers, members of rural communities or people simply interested in the issues facing women in rural Australia." The list was established soon after Australia hosted the 1st International Women in agriculture Conference in Melbourne in 1994. The 2nd conference will be hosted by the USDA in the USA (see Web Sites, this listing). To subscribe, send the message "Subscribe agwomen-l" to: Majordomo@peg.apc.org The list is managed by Janet Hoare based at the University of Melbourne; she can be contacted at: lcnet@peg.apc.org

is an unmoderated list in Spanish for the discussion of women's studies and gender studies (both theory and practice) and for announcements about relevant conferences, new books and journals, etc. For more information, send the message INFO ARACA to MAJORDOMO@CCC.UBA.AR To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ARACA to the same address.

is a list for discussion of gender and media policy issues, particularly but not exclusively in the Asian region. It is affiliated with Isis International--Manila, an Asia-based women's non-governmental organization. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ASIA-GENDERMEDIA <your email address> to MAJORDOMO@LIST.INFOCOM.SEQUEL.NET. For more information, write to COMMPRO@MNL.SEQUEL.NET

is a women-only list that "focuses on Caribbean-American women of all ages (professionals/other) wanting to network or exchange thoughts on politics, development, sexual/physical abuse of women, culture, and lifestyle issues." To subscribe, send the message "I want to subscribe to CAW" and a brief bio including Caribbean connection if relevant, profession, and e-mail address to the CAW founder, Jennifer Nunes-Bruner, JEN@BRIDGE.NET

the Healthy Cities Women's Network, is a list for people interested in women's health issues and healthy cities issues. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU (Internet) or LISTSERV@INDYCMS (Bitnet).

The discussion list is managed by the American Agricultural Economics Association Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics, which "aims to facilitate greater participation and more effective communication among women in agricultural and resource economics." To subscribe, send the message "Subscribe cwaenet your name" to: listserv@ers.bitnet. The list is managed by Stephanie Mercer at smercier@ers.bitnet and Ann Vandeman at annv@ers.bitnet

is a moderated list for activists and scholars to discuss contemporary reproductive technologies and population policies in the context of broader cultural change. The draws upon current debates in feminist and science studies to explore the impact of reproductive technologies upon the reproductive process and social life. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE CYBER-FEM to MAJORDOMO@HSPHSUN2.HARVARD.EDU

A moderated discussion list run by the Gender, Research and Training (GREAT) unit of the School of Development Studies at the University of East Anglia, UK, which "aims to bridge divides between gender and development researchers, practitioners and individuals at dispersed locations." Much of the discussion is relevant to gender, agriculture and rural development.
To subscribe, send the message "Subscribe development-gender" to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
Queries should be sent to: development-gender-request@mailbase.ac.uk

is a list where women in business can share ideas and get help and support from other women in business. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE DISCUSSION Your Name to IMAILSRV@WOMENSBIZRESOURCES.COM

This is a discussion list for researchers, teachers and students interested in distance learning or distance education (DE) in developing countries, with over 160 members from over 25 countries around the world. Any topic which is at all connected with distance learning in developing countries is valid here. For example: there is an increasing use of DE as a means of creating a mass higher education system without the need for expensive buildings etc in some African countries. But there are problems.... Talk about experiences, worries, problems, highlights, etc.
To help you to control the number of emails in your box, you can choose whether to receive individual emails, daily summaries, a daily digest, or simply to view all the messages on a web page when you have time.
To join, just send an empty message to dldc-subscribe@egroups.com
You can view the DLDC homepage and find previous postings at: http://www.egroups.com/group/dldc/fullinfo.html

An unmoderated discussion list with discussants mainly from academia which provides "an open space for dialogue, allowing a diversity of thought and multiple approaches to women and environment."
To subscribe, send the message "Subscribe ecofem your name" to: listserv@csf.colorado.edu
The list manager can be reached at: rixeckes@kea.lincoln.ac.nz

EDEQUITY (Educational Equity Discussion List)
encourages discussion of educational equity in schools, colleges, etc. among teachers and other educators, equity practitioners, advocates, parents, policymakers, counselors and others interested in equity. The list serves as a forum to discuss how to attain equity for males and females; and how gender equity can be a helpful construct for improving education for all. The participation of both women and men is welcomed. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE EDEQUITY to MAJORDOMO@CONFER.EDC.ORG

is an unmoderated list for discussion of women's issues related to Central and Eastern Europe and the NIS. Send subscription messages to LISTPROC@CEP.NONPROFIT.NET. For more information about the list or about CEP (Civic Education Project), contact CEP@MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU

is a weekly digest of US political campaign and candidate news, information on women voters, and political news from women in Washington. It is issued by Emily's List, an organization for pro-choice Democratic women. To subscribe, send the e-mail message SUBSCRIBE EMILYS-LIST to MAJORDOMO@NEWMEDIUM.COM

ENTER-L and corresponding web site ENTERWeb
Foster discussion and provide information on enterprise development in developed and developing countries. The cases they provide are considered excellent examples of the role the Internet can play in knowledge development in a global economy. Several sections target areas of particular concern to developing countries, e.g., donors' activities and microfinance. To subscribe, ENTER-L owner and ENTERWeb Webmaster: Jean-Claude Lorin at jlorin@synapse.net or visit the web-site at http://www.enterweb.org

For people interested in consumption issues, ranging from exchange about products, alternatives and availability to corporate behavior etc. Not very active at the moment (summer 1999). To subscribe, send an email to ethical-shopping-subscribe@egroups.com. Archives and membership are available on the egroups.com web-site at http://www.egroups.com/list/ethical-shopping

focuses on feminist approaches to bio-ethics. To subscribe, send a message containing your full name and e-mail address to FAB-REQUEST@PHIL.RUU.NL

FAVNET (Feminists Against Violence Network)
is a women-run, moderated list dedicated to ending domestic violence and violence against women through networking and direct action in a feminist environment. Counselors, legal advocates, survivors, feminists, and profeminist women and men who seek to redress violence against women are welcome. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FAVNET your e-mail address to MAJORDOMO@OTD.COM

FEM-ALERT (Feminist Alert Network)
is an informational mailing list established by the Feminist Majority to keep people informed about key feminist issues and about major additions to the Feminist Majority's World Wide Web site. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEM-ALERT to MAJORDOMO@FEMINIST.ORG

is a list where you can ask other women online for help finding sites for your personal requests (from health questions to consumer information), academic research (statistics, biographies, current issues), and work-related needs (profiles of companies, networking, and technology issues). To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEMINANET Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTS.CGIM.COM

is a list for discussion of the interrelationship of feminism/gender/women and international relations. More information and archives of past messages can be found at the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies web site. Send subscription messages to LISTPROC@CSF.COLORADO.EDU

is a list for discussion of feminist mentoring, especially in academic fields that are still male-dominated. Topics include defining feminist mentoring, mentoring strategies, types of mentoring and their effectiveness, and anything else related to examining the role of mentoring within a feminist context. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEMMENT-L <your email address> to FEMMENT-L-REQUEST@WIZARD.UCR.EDU

is dedicated to discussion and research about Female Genital Mutilation in the United States and internationally. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FGM-L your email address to MAJORDOMO@HOLLYFELD.ORG

FIVERS (Feminists against Intimate Violence through Empowerment, Energizing, Education, Exchange Resources, Resistance, Research AND Support)
focuses on all aspects of intimate abuse and examines the phenomenon from a feminist perspective. The acronym FIVERS represents the diverse needs of the list members, who are women and men from many countries. Some are survivors; all are dedicated to building a peaceful, just, and non-violent world. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FIVERS to MAJORDOMO@ATHENS.NET

is a mostly academic list for discussing issues pertaining to research in Gender, Marketing, and Consumer Behavior, both scholarly and practical. To subscribe, send the standard message to LISTSERV@URIACC.URI.EDU

The discussion list run by the Gender Research Network, which is sponsored by the CGIAR Gender Program to "link researchers at CGIAR centers, national research institutes, and universities who are involved in gender and intra-household research." Information on the network as well as the network's online newsletter can be found at the web site.
To subscribe, send the message "Subscribe Gender-CG" to: listserv@cgnet.com

A discussion list of the International Geographical Union's Committee on Gender Relations. Open to the discussion of all topics relating to gender issues in geography, including discussion of theoretical and empirical work/issues as well as book reviews, calls for papers, and information on conferences. geogfem-request@lsv.uky.edu
To subscribe, send a message to: listserv@lsv.uky.edu Information on the list can be obtained by sending an email to: The list's manager can be reached at: jajones02@ukcc.uky.edu

A low-key discussion list that "brings together those interested in gender issues in rural environments and societies" involving researchers and some rural people in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America. The list's manager is Elizabeth Teather who can be reached at: eteather@metz.une.edu.au
To subscribe send the message "Subscribe gira" to: majordomo@listserver.hkbu.edu.hk

A discussion list focussing on information and knowledge as it is becoming more accessible, affordable, wide-spread and user-friendly - and problems, inequalities etc. related to this development. ICT development and use around the world, conference announcements, new publications, etc. Also provides excellent regular summaries. Expect a steep learning curve when you join. To subscribe, send an email to owner-gkd@phoenix.edc.org. The moderator can be reached at gkd-mod@phoenix.edc.org

aims to stimulate research in the field of gender and new information technologies and to provide a platform for discussions about theories and research from a feminist/women's studies perspective. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL or LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET

has been set up to enable people to follow the KnowHow Conference and communicate with other women's information services throughout the Conference process. Now more oriented towards sharing information than discussions (summer 1999); an interesting group of experts from women’s information centres (on and off the web), and women’s networks worldwide, many of which are involved in major efforts to make the relevant information for the Beijing+5 review available. To subscribe, send an email to the message SUBSCRIBE KNOWHOWCONF Your Name to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL

is a list "inspired and informed by the women's liberation movement"; it focuses on alternatives to the conventional mental health system and activist approaches to mental health/women's issues. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE LUNATRIX-L Your Name to LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM

is a 20,000- member, multi-racial, cross-class international women's human rights organization that has been in operation since 1983. MADRE works in partnership with women's community-based organizations worldwide to address issues of women's health, economic development, and other gender-based human rights. MADRE provides the resources, expertise and organizational support that enable our sister organizations to meet the immediate needs of their communities, while working to change the balance of power to promote social justice. To subscribe, send an email to owner-madre-update@igc.org

is designed for women new to the Internet, who need a helping hand. Both those who are feeling lost and those who know the Internet well enough to be helpful are encouraged to join. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE MAIDEN-L to MAJORDOMO@WOMEN.CA

is a list for anarchist women. It provides a place to meet, exchange information, and learn about each other and each other's struggles. It is concerned not just with "women's issues" but with all issues that affect us. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE MUJERESLIBRES to MAJORDOMO@TAO.CA. More information is available at the MujeresLibres web-site at  http://www.geocities.com/Paris/2159/mujeres_mail.html.

another list from the Network of East-West Women (NEWW), focuses on women's legal rights issues, especially in the post-communist countries. To subscribe to the English-language version, send the message SUBSCRIBE NEWW-RIGHTS to MAJORDOMO@IGC.APC.ORG. For information about the Russian-language version, contact Irina Doskich or Galina Venediktova at NEWW@GLAS.APC.ORG

An international list providing information and discussing issues of Freshwater, particularly as they are addressed by international policy-making processes. Members are mostly from Non-Government Organisations involved in the work of the United Nations and other intern-governmental bodies and international forums working in freshwater and sanitation. To subscribe, send an email to NGOwater-request@center1.com

is a list sponsored by the National Organization for Women of the US. It offers comprehensive legislative updates and other action alerts. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE NOW-ACTION-LIST to MAJORDOMO@NOW.ORG

is a list for policy analysts, researchers, managers, administrators, social workers, and anyone else interested in such issues as women in management, the feminization of public service, how gender does and should shape the public agenda, and any other issues involving gender and public policy. To subscribe, send an email message to POLICYWOMEN@INAME.COM and in the SUBJECT line, write SUBSCRIBE. You need not say anything in the body of the message.

is a list for lesbians working to create change or just interested in what's out there. You can subscribe at the PoliticalDykes web-site at http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/politicaldykes

is open to members of rural sexual assault and domestic violence programs. It is a working list for sharing, networking, and problem solving around sexual and domestic violence. Related information is available at the RuralConnect web-site at http://www.wowwomen.com/ruralzone/ruralconnect.html. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE RURAL CONNECT Your Email Address to MAJORDOMO@PLAINS.NET

The "Global Network for Rural Women", provides this discussion list where "rural women have ready access to a global forum to debate vital issues such as trade agreements, food security and women's rights. They also have the opportunity to share cultural, social, technical and practical agricultural information; to trade and advertise their products, and make friends." To join the Global Network for Rural Women's electronic mailing list send an e-mail to majordomo@lists.vicnet.net.au and in the body of the message write: subscribe ruralwomen

is a rural feminist activist forum. Presently, membership is restricted to women living/working in rural areas who are actively trying to change their lives and the lives of other rural women for the better through grass roots organizing and other personal efforts. The list hopes to build networks of women who are isolated from each other geographically and culturally. Discussions involve topics such as grassroots organizing, rural projects, domestic violence, sexual assault, women's health, welfare reform, legislation, etc. One can apply to join by sending the message SUBSCRIBE RURALWOMYN Your Email Address to MAJORDOMO@PLAINS.NET

is a women's environmental activist list run by the Student Environmental Action Coalition. To subscribe, address an e-mail message to SEAC+WOMYN-REQUEST@EARTHSYSTEMS.ORG and put SUBSCRIBE on the sibject line.

a discussion group on transport issues, including a focus on gender issues in transport. To subscribe, send an email to setnet-request@mailbase.ac.uk
Visit to check the archives of the list at http://www.mailbase.ac.uk

is a high-volume list for women who manage and/or design World Wide Web sites. It supports women Web designers by providing a supportive atmosphere to deal with Web development and consulting, including such issues as HTML coding questions, developing standards for Web pages, integration of business and social responsibility, networking, being a female computer consultant/Web developer, etc. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE SPIDERWOMAN to SPIDERWOMAN-REQUEST@AMAZONCITY.COM. There is also a related web-based list.

is a sexual assault activist list. Send subscription message to LISTSERV@BROWNVM (Bitnet) or LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Internet).

To discuss "ways to reach a more sustainable lifestyle, share ideas and meet people that really care about the Environment and want to do more than just talk about it". To subscribe, send an email to sustainable-subscribe@egroups.com and visit the archives and membership information at http://www.egroups.com/list/sustainable

discusses issues related to the representations of "Third World Women," including interrogating the construction of identities as TWW and the effects of those identities on personal and professional lives, etc. It is hoped that this will be a list where academic and nonacademic discussions will intersect. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE THIRD-WORLD-WOMEN to MAJORDOMO@JEFFERSON.VILLAGE.VIRGINIA.EDU

discussions on the political, technical, social, economic, and poetic relationships that grow out of humans living in groups. Examining not only cities' effects on the earth, but city living's effects on us as individuals and as communities, and how we can make urban living a positive process for ourselves, for our posterity, and for the earth. To subscribe, send an email to urban-ecology-subscribe@egroups.com. View the full archives, subscribe/unsubscribe, use the group calendar at http://www.egroups.com/list/urban-ecology

is a bilingual (English/French) forum to post information and to discuss problems and solutions to the task of gender equality, with a focus on the West African region. Among the topics that the list has been set up to discuss are reproductive health and access to information in Africa; socio-cultural practices that affect women and children's health; family planning. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE VISIONS-AFR to MAJORDOMO@HSPHSUN2.HARVARD.EDU

is an online forum focusing on issues directly related to women's organizations' utilization of electronic communication and publishing technologies - where the roadblocks are to engaging women's organizations fully in the electronic communications world and what strategies work. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE VS-ONLINE-STRAT to MAJORDOMO@IGC.APC.ORG

established by the Institute for Women's Policy Research, offers scholars, advocates, and other interested individuals the opportunity to share their research, advocacy strategies, and questions on welfare and welfare reform in individual states and at the national level. Discussion can also be related to other issues, such as domestic violence or health. Information such as calls for papers, conference information, fact sheets, and legislative updates are also welcome. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WELFAREM-L Your Name to LISTSERV@AMERICAN.EDU. More information is available at the IWPR web-site at http://www.iwpr.org/wrnn.htm.

WISDOM (Women's Internet Site Development and Online Mentoring)
is a list for Australian women and anyone else interested in women's issues/Internet literacy, including such issues as women's access to the net, how to use a browser, and how to design and create your own web site. More information is available at the W.I.S.D.O.M. web site. To subscribe, send a message to MAJORDOMO@VICNET.NET.AU that says SUBSCRIBE WISDOM Your Email Address end ("end" should go on a second line).

was created by the CSD NGO Women's caucus to allow exchange, discussions and coordination in preparations for upcoming meetings of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and the next Earth Summit in 2002. To subscribe, send a blank message to women-csd-subscribe@egroups.com, or go to http://www.egroups.com/list/women-csd. Check the CSD Women's Caucus web-site: go to http://www.csdngo.org/csdng and click on "Women" under "Major Groups".

is a list for feminist activists, researchers, and policy makers, both within Canada and internationally , who are working to improve women's health. Sponsored by the BC Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, the list may be used to post announcements, events, and ideas that will further feminist work in women's health. To subscribe, send an email message to CELESTE.WINCAPAW@BCCEWH.BC.CA

deals with the issues of women and work in the context of economic empowerment of women in developing countries or areas of economic hardship and crisis. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WOMENWORK to MAJORDOMO@HUMANISM.ORG

focuses on women, science, and technology internationally. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to WST-L@LIST.IFIAS.CA with the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject: line. For more information, write to the listowner at SHUYER@IFIAS.CA


Some of the discussion groups listed in this section are quoted from Joan Korenman's web-site at http://research.umbc.edu/~korenman/wmst/forums.html
Please note that because discussion groups can change quickly, you should check this web-site for updates if you encounter problems.


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