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The Toolkit Workshops

A national workshop held in Kajiado, Kenya in December 1999, was a collaborative effort between GROOTS Kenya and UNED-UK.
Attended by over eighty grassroots women leaders from different parts of Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, the meeting provided a platform for grassroots women to meet and share experiences on sustainable development. 
At the workshop, participants discussed implications of recent global agreements on the lives of grassroots women and to evaluate their involvement in global fora, especially UN Conferences where many of these agreements are made.
Presentations provided grassroots women with information on international agreements that relate to sustainable development and the day-to-day work of grassroots women within their own communities. 
Participants discussed strategies for grassroots women to participate effectively in global meetings e.g. advocacy, lobbying and communication skills, and developed strategies to strengthen and expand peer learning and exchanges for capacity building.
The Toolkit was used as a basic material for this workshop, providing information about international processes and agreements, women's activities and networks, and compilations of international agreements on issues of particular relevance to the participants. The full report of the workshop is available at

More workshops are planned, for example, with women's groups in Tanzania.

Contact UNED Forum if you wish to work on a similar workshop based on the toolkit:

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