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bulletklein.gif (275 Byte) Dr. Minu Hemmati

Minu's background is in social and environmental psychology and women's studies, on issues such as prejudice and discrimination, networking and mentoring of women and men, career barriers to women, city planning and human-environment relations. She has been involved in Local Agenda 21 processes and has taught at universities, women`s organizations, political parties, and government institutions.
Minu was part of the Baha'i International Community team at the Habitat II Conference in 1996, and has attended all CSD meetings since 1997, CSW sessions, Earth Summit II, Beijing+5 and Copenhagen+5. 
She has been working with UNED since 1998 on various projects: the Stakeholder Toolkit for Women, Gender & Tourism, Gender & Sustainable Consumption, Access & Benefit-Sharing, etc. With Jasmin Enayati, she has been working on UNED's project for Copenhagen+5, preparations for an international workshop on Gender Perspectives on Earth Summit 2002, and the development of a methodological framework for multi-stakeholder processes. Minu has also been developing UNED Forum's web-site.
She has since 1999 been the co-facilitator of the CSD Women's Caucus.
Minu is also working with academic institutions on Earth Summit 2002 and on networking & mentoring for women; and has in 1999 and 2000 done work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and with Novartis Germany.
Publications: Latest publications include A Framework for Multi-Stakeholder Processes (UNED Forum), the Stakeholder Toolkit. A Resource for Women and NGOs (UNED Forum), Gender & Tourism: Women's Employment and Participation (UNED-UK), Gender & Sustainable Consumption (UNED-UK), Access & Benefit-Sharing (UNED Forum & Novartis International), Women & Sustainable Development 2000 - 2002 (CSD Women's Caucus), a case study on women's participation in the Local Agenda 21 Process in Heidelberg, Germany.
Interests: Sci-fi films and books; modern art and photography; poetry; Roger Waters and opera.

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bulletklein.gif (275 Byte) Katja Schoenborn

has been studying Sociology at the University of the Saarland since 1994. Since 1997 she has been designing and conducting introductory tutorial courses for female students on Internet use and HTML design. This service of women for women is sponsored by the university's department for gender equity. She has attended the CSD 7th Session and with Minu organised a presentation of the Stakeholder Toolkit for Women Project at the Sustainable Development Learning Centre. Katja has been supporting the UNED-UK team as an intern, working in Saarbruecken, Germany, since 1998.

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bulletklein.gif (275 Byte) Areti Alexopoulou

has finished her Masters degree (MSc) in International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in September 1999. She is supporting the work on the Toolkit as an intern, focusing on analysing documents and putting together international agreements relevant to certain issues in the area of women & sustainable development (see Current & Upcoming Issues).

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bulletklein.gif (275 Byte) Joanna Beardsmore

has been studying Town and Country Planning at the University College of London since 1996. At UNED-UK, she has supported the Stakeholder Toolkit for Women project, esp. the preparatory survey for the Toolkit for Women, as a volunteer. She is based in London, United Kingdom.


bulletklein.gif (275 bytes) Mariah Ripma

is currently studying at Samford University, Florida. She has majored in World Trade and French and participated in the London Program through Samford University. At UNED-UK, she has supported the Stakeholder Toolkit for Women project, esp. the preparatory survey for the Toolkit for Women. Mariah lives in Florida, USA.


bulletklein.gif (275 Byte) Felix Dodds

is the Executive Director of UNED Forum and has attended the Rio and Habitat II summits and all the Commission on Sustainable Development meetings. He was a member of the Global Forum 94 Advisory Board and the Editorial Board for the Centre for Our Common Future's publications.
He is co-author of Three Years since the Rio Summit (UNED-UK, 1995), editor of The Urban Agenda (UNED-UK, 1995) and Into the 21st Century: An Agenda for Political Re-alignment (Greenprint, 1988). He co-founded Green Voice in 1988, which looked at building links between parties on a green agenda. In 1997, he edited "The Way Forward - Beyond Agenda 21" (London: Earthscan); his book "Earth Summit 2002 - A New Deal" (2000) is coming out in its second edition, incl. two new chapters, in autumn 2001.

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bulletklein.gif (275 Byte) Derek Osborn

is Chair of the United Nations Environment and Development UK Committee (UNED-UK) and Chair of UNED Forum. He is also Chair of the European Environmental Agency and a member of the board of the UK Environmental Agency. He co-chaired the 1997 CSD Intersessional Meeting preparing for Earth Summit II.
Previously, he was the Director General of the UK Department of the Environment and attended the Rio Summit and all the meetings of the Commission on Sustainable Development. His latest publications include "Earth Summit II. Outcomes and Analysis" (with Tom Bigg, London: Earthscan, 1998) and "Towards Earth Summit III in 2002" (1. Issue of the Millennium Papers, 1998, edited by Felix Dodds and published by UNED-UK).


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