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The Introduction for Newcomers tells you about the World Conferences, their outcomes and follow-up and why they are relevant for women and women's organisations.

The Guide tells you what the Toolkit offers and how to use it.

The Site Map provides a convenient overview of the whole web-site and access to all its components.

Check the Brief Introduction to the World Conferences

Check the Glossary of terms and acronyms

Download or order the Toolkit Booklet, and check the possibility of using the toolkit as a basis for Workshops for women's groups and NGOs.

Find information about the people behind the toolkit under Staff involved.

This web-site aims to help women's groups to use international agreements in their advocacy work and in concrete projects on the ground, to monitor progress in implementation, and to make these agreements become reality.

If we are involved in international policy-making processes, we tend to follow one process, for example, the Beijing process. However, very progressive agreements and commitments pertaining to women's and gender issues are contained in documents other than the Nairobi Forward-Looking Strategies, the Beijing Platform for Action or the subsequent agreements from CSW, etc.

That is why the Stakeholder Toolkit for Women web-site assembles UN agreements from the whole cycle of UN Conferences and Summits in the 1990s and their follow-up processes, helping people to use policy agreements and commitments whichever conference or process they come from. The Toolkit includes all conference outcomes and all subsequent commission reports as well as relevant conventions, etc.
It includes NGO documents which were produced for the conferences and commission meetings, such as position papers, background material, etc. This section will grow to ensure that we can build on what women's groups have formulated at previous meetings and can use it in our advocacy and our practical work.
The Toolkit additionally presents those documents for quick download as TXT, ZIP and PDF files to enable you to easily keep the material on your computer to work with.
It also provides relevant material from other stakeholders to help us being aware of what others think and do and to work with them.
It also offers extensive information for networking: a directory of online discussion groups (list servers) and scheduled online conferences; structured and commented directories of links by stakeholders and by issues. The Toolkit also has a directory of electronic newsletters on women's and gender issues and action & campaigning sites.
Pages with training material and training institutions as well as good practices collections are currently under construction.

We produced a Toolkit Booklet, based on the website; and conduct workshops on the same basis.

Have a look at site and, if you can, please let us know if you find it useful. Tell us what we should improve, include, change, amend… A web-site is always under construction and we will be happy to tailor this site as much as possible to your needs.

Thank you !

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