Good Practices Relevant for Women
Methodologies of Good Practices

Good Practices

Collecting and sharing "good practices" is an important tool to help us putting the UN Agendas and Global Plans of Action into Practice.
"Good practices" are helping to share ideas and experiences on how to solve problems; share strategies on how to build partnerships with other stakeholders; learn from each other; and avoid making the same mistakes again.

The Toolkit for Women provides

Good practices relevant for women

The Toolkit provides good practices collections on issues like freshwater, industrial hot spots, community participation, tourism, urban environmental planning and management, etc. You will find short summaries to facilitate your further reading. The collections are located here on the toolkit web-site or being linked to on other webs-sites. Those which are located on this web-site can be searched by issues, by authors, by year of publication as well as using the full text search engine.

Methodologies of good practices

The Toolkit provides information on how to collect and analyse good practice examples and case studies. Also, there are examples of guidelines and frameworks on how to write up a case study which includes a gender perspective.

Networking opportunities

Numerous organisations are involved in collecting good practice examples and case studies. The Toolkit provides information, addresses and links to these.


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