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In this section you will find information and relevant documents relating to tourism. 

Meetings & Events

Listed are upcoming international and regional meetings & events where the respective issues will be discussed.

Commission on Sustainable Development 7th Session, 1999
New York, 19 - 30 April, 1999

UN Documents

UN Documents on Tourism and Sustainable Development are assembled at (pdf format)

Report of the Ad-Hoc Intersessional Working Group of the Commission on Sustainable Development, on Tourism (in pdf format) (February 1999)

NGO Documents

CSD 1999: Tourism / Consumption & Production / Oceans & Seas / SIDS

Coverage of the CSD from an NGO perspective is provided on the CSD NGO Steering Committee web-site.
You find NGO Background Papers, Statements and Suggested Amendments at http:/, for example:

NGO Comments on the Elements for a Draft Decision, suggested amendments to the official text
NGO Position Paper, prepared by the Steering Committee's Tourism Caucus at the Intersessional Working Group meeting of the CSD, Feb. 23 1999, to be circulated to government delegations.
Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, as submitted by ECTWT, TEN and EQUATIONS, to the World Tourism Organisation in 1998.

"Gender & Tourism: Women's Employment and Participation in Tourism" (UNED-UK's Project Report Summary, on this web-site)

Suggested Amendments to the 'Elements of a Draft Decision' from CSD Intersessional, by UNED-UK

Position Paper of the International Friends of Nature on the role of tourism in the context of sustainable development.

Differentiating between Tourism and "Sustainable Tourism", article by Meenakshi Varandani.

Position Paper of the German NGO Forum on Environment & Development on the environmental and social responsibility of tourism in the context of sustainable development. Spanish version.
Dialogue Themes Paper, submitted to the CSD Bureau, July 1998.
Towards Earth Summit II, 1997 - Tourism text.
23 February, 1999: Statement from NGO Tourism Caucus, Patricia Barnett, Tourism Concern, U.K.
25 February, 1999: Statement from NGO Tourism Caucus and Trade Unions

Tourism Dialogue Segment 'Background Papers':
Industry Initiatives for Sustainable Tourism (19 April, afternoon session)
Influencing Consumer Behaviour to Promote Sustainable Tourism (20 April, morning session)
Promoting Broad-Based Sustainable Development through Tourism while Safeguarding the Integrity of Local Cultures and Protecting the Environment (20 April, afternoon session)
Coastal Impact of Tourism (21 April, morning session)

Other Major Groups Documents

Background Papers for the Tourism Dialogue Sessions at CSD 1999, from Industry, Trade Unions, Local Authorities, and NGOs at

Other Major Groups, who have submitted Tourism Dialogue Segment Background Papers are
Industry (co-ordinated by the World Travel & Tourism Council and the International Hotel & Restaurant Association, WTTC and IH&RA)
Trade Unions (co-ordinated by the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, ICFTU)
Local Authorities (co-ordinated by the International Council of Local Environment Initiatives, ICLEI)


Further Information

The World Tourism Organisation, WTO / OMT / BTO, at

European Commission DG XXIII: Tourism Directorate Homepage

ECoNETT, comprehensive coverage of sustainable tourism initiatives, contacts, links; over 1200 files on ECoNETT, incl. large database on Codes of Practice in Tourism.

CSD NGO Steering Committee at http:/

CSD NGO List Server on Tourism at

CSD NGO Issue Caucus on Tourism at

The World Travel & Tourism Council, an important Industry Association, at

Agenda 21 for the Travel & Tourism Industry 1st Progress Report, by the World Travel and Tourism Council / The Earth Council / the World Tourism Organisation

International Hotel and Restaurant Association, an important IH&RA, at

The International Hotel Environment Initiative (IHEI) at, a charity programme developed by the international hotel industry for the benefit of all hotels and the environment; promotes the benefits of environmental management as an integral part of running a successful, efficient hotel business.

Green Globe, an world-wide environmental management and awareness programme for the Travel and Tourism industry, at


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