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In this section you will find information and relevant documents relating to health. While collecting the documents and information, we have been focusing on women's health issues and environmental health. Download the package of international agreements on health as TXT FILE (212 KB) or ZIP FILE (62 KB).

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Health issues are among those to be discussed at the Commission on the Status of Women 43rd Session in New York, March 1999.

A crucial meeting on health issues will also be the Third European Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, in June 1999 in London, UK - a WHO conference with delegates from all member states of the WHO's European Region. UNED-UK's Environment and Health Programme is organising the parallel event, the "Healthy Planet Forum".

The next major meeting is the 5 Year Review of the UN Conference on Population and Development, taking place as a UN General Assembly Special Session in June - in short: ICPD+5.

Relevant Documents

UN Documents

UN Summits and Conferences since 1992

UN Commissions: CSW, CSD, CSocDev, CHS, CHR, CPopD

          CSW 1996 Annex II, Specific Comments, C. Women and Health

CSW 1999 Relevant Chapters of the Beijing Platform of Action

CSD 1994: Chapter I.D.1 deals with health
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Other UN Documents

Secretary General Reports
SG Report to CSW 1995, Chapter II.C. "Inequality in access..."


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