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Women's Internet Campaign
From the Village Council to the Negotiating Table: Women in Peacebuilding
WWF Action Site
WWF Panda Action Site
Global Internet Liberty Campaign

Women's Internet Campaign
for equal access, equal participation and an equal voice in information / communication technologies (ICT). Go to and click on anything on the right hand side of the screen. Or head directly to the site map at
Women's Activism for 40 ways online activists are using Internet web sites at There is also "Online on the Cheap". Ways to get online and work online together as cheaply as possible.
The site is part of the project "Women and the Internet: Policy and Practice". For more information, contact Jo Sutton, Scarlet Pollock, Judy Michaud, Penney Kome &   Denise Osted at Women'space,

From the Village Council to the Negotiating Table: Women in Peacebuilding. An international campaign in preparation for Beijing +5.
The aim of the campaign is to engage as many women’s groups and organisations as possible on a process aimed at enhancing their voices, sharing experiences and promoting more effective dialogue between women and governments.
If you want to learn more or join the campaign, send a message to International Alert at INTLALERT@GN.APC.ORG. Include information about yourself, your organisation, country and address, etc., and receive the information pack and guide how to take part in the campaign in the run-up to Beijing +5 in June 2000.

WWF Action Site
The World Wildlife Fund for Nature maintains an Internet Action Site at
The site provides information about ongoing campaigns. They focus on events or development which threaten wildlife and biodiversity.
You can subscribe to an email service and become a WWF Conservation Action Network Participant. You will receive messages about urgent campaigns via email. On the site, you can access "Your Personal Action Center" and participate in a campaign, eg by sending messages to institutions who are responsible.

WWF Panda Action Site
The World Wildlife Fund for Nature maintains another Internet Action Site at WWF's campaign against overfishing and other campaigns are being presented, including background information and how to take action.

Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC)
Organizations are invited to join GILC by contacting us at To alert members about threats to cyber liberties, please contact members from your country or send a message to the general GILC address.
The GILC News Alert is the newsletter of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign, an international coalition of organizations working to protect and enhance online civil liberties and human rights. More information about GILC members and news is available at You may re-print or redistribute the GILC NEWS ALERT freely. To subscribe to the alert, please send an mail to with the following message in the body: subscribe gilc-announce.
To submit information about upcoming events, new activist tools and news stories, contact: A. Cassidy Sehgal-Kolbet,, American Civil Liberties Union 125 Broad Street 17th Floor, New York, New York 10004 USA.


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